Content That Creates Clients That Want Only You

You can create content all day long but if it doesn’t reach your dream customer and have them say, I want to work with her! It’s a miss. Create content that creates clients and leave the busy work to the rest. 

You just promoted for someone else. With CHAT GPT you have to be good. You have to tell stories that an AI can’t. You have to have humor and personal input no one but you can have. Brandi Clark has experienced the mistakes trainers make as have I! 

We potentially have failed so you don’t have to! And we let you lean over the fence and hear how to avoid those kinds of mistakes. In a moment in time where you can’t afford to be lost in the shuffle. 

We reposition your goal on social, and your thoughts about creating content that is truly deep. 

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My Guest: 

Brandi Clark is a marketing and sales mentor for those in the fitness industry. With over 20 years in the fitness industry she has served her clients in every capacity from group instructor, personal trainer, master trainer offering CEC’s to fitness professionals and a gym owner with multiple locations. She understands how quickly the industry changes and evolves and she spends her time helping fitness professionals adapt so they don’t get left behind. Her specialty is teaching coaches and trainers how to create content that really connects with their audience so they can build their training business and help more people achieve lasting lifelong changes.

She spent years as a Master Trainer educating fitness professionals thru CEC courses and programs that she developed and delivered.

Questions We Answer in This Episode:

  • How to create content that stands out
  • What do most fitness professionals do wrong as they enter into the online space?
  • What should fitness professionals focus on as they incorporate online training?
  • Tell us more about this upcoming Virtual Summit?

Your content that creates clients won’t look or sound like anyone else’s. If it does, you have work to do. A copycat approach won’t work for an authentic success. 

Become a Fully Booked Online Fit-Pro: Where to Focus Your Time and Energy in 2023

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