I’m going to send you the 1st thing you want to do with your female clients in perimenopause, menopause, and post menopause.
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Do you feel schooled, skilled and smart…but stuck when it comes to growing your fitness business?

As a full-time fitness professional for 30 years, I’ve owned a business, managed group fitness, personal training, taught emerging fitness professionals in the university setting, presented and authored articles for industry associations.

In short, I’ve been in your shoes and on all sides of the desk and the classroom. You’re in the right place, right now, to get access to tips, my podcast and resources to help you with growing your business.

“Ugh, I despise selling…”
I hear this more than any other frustration from fitness professionals. Two decades ago, I said it myself. The shift happened when I realized “ selling” could be about helping people. The more I wanted to help people, the more I began to learn how to connect with them. Sales then naturally followed as a result.

Sell with ease
Selling can be a natural, easy activity when you get your marketing in flow.

Master online marketing strategies
It doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck.

Attract your ideal customers
Work with those people you love and know you can help the most.

Fill your programs
Find how to avoid the stress of worrying about launching something new.

Write content that gets opened and shared
Stop feeling like you’re wasting time creating content.

Scale your business with smart systems
Rather than melting with overwhelm, learn how to effectively set up systems to automate much of your marketing.

Free Resources
To Help You Grow Your Business
From learning how to use your time wisely, to handling sales calls with ease, to using social media to grow your client base to expanding your offerings to optimize your time…these resources are some of my favorites for the business of being a fitness professional.
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