3 Ways to Generate Revenue Now for Anything You Want

Is there something you want and can’t afford? Let’s flip the script and talk about ways to generate revenue to make it happen. The question should never be, can you afford it. It should be, how can I make that happen? 

Sometimes you spend money. Sometimes you invest it.

Right now, I’m looking at hiring a new customer service team member, and onboarding an EA after a 90 day trial onboarding period, and my Daily Operations manager is ready to go full time for me and be my Director of Operations. Can I afford this?  Is not the question. Can I afford not to do this, is also really not the question (though it’s better).

The question is how can I make this happen? 

If a course or training is going to make you more money by making you more marketable it’s an investment. I want you to think twice about a certification, especially if it’s another certification. When was the last time you ever had someone ask, are you a certified trainer? And upon your response either hire you or not? I’ll tell you when… never. 

Trainers are a dime a dozen. Health coaches? Are becoming the same. Does it teach you how to support fixing the hormone balances a woman reveals from her signs & symptoms with exercise? Or does it teach you how to coach her to be accountable to changes? 

OR… is what you need something that will teach you how to use the right words, avoid the wrong ones to GET clients in the first place??

I can help with all three. But only if … you know where your biggest challenge is. The degree to which I can get you clarity (and revenue) is in direct relationship with how clear you are on your biggest problem. 

Are You a Health Coach, Trainer, or Consultant? 3 Questions That Tell You

Are you a health coach? Or not? Are you overcharging, undercharging or just right based on the services you provide? 

Do your customers WANT a coach, trainer, or consultant? 

A coach asks questions and helps develop the client’s ability to make decisions. 

A consultant TELLS a client what to do. 

A Trainer, for a minute leave the world of “personal trainer” and think just trainer. A trainer teaches the client to do this for themselves.

You may be doing all three. 

Coach, Consultant, or Trainer?

I would BET; however, you are NOT 100% a coach even if you’re selling your products and services using the title coach. 

What people usually want when they hire a personal trainer is a CONSULTANT (or as I’ll share in next, a trainer – in a different sense of the word).

They say:

Tell me exactly what to do when we’re at our sessions. 

Tell me exactly what to do between sessions.

Based on your experience, is that right? They want to know how to close the gap between where they are and what they want. 

If you are truly a “trainer,” some larger fitness corporations will frown on you doing a really good job. Why? Because your client is no longer dependent on you because you’ve taught them how to do it… how to make decisions about exercise and how to do the exercise correctly and plan it so they can do it on their own.

Let’s face it, when customers buy that 3-session package or meet with you once for free, that’s what they want. They want to know a routine and how to do it so they can use the gym membership or the home equipment they have. They often want a Trainer. 

What a coach does is gives up the “expert” advising. Wearing your coach hat, you would ask a client what she’s willing to commit to doing. When they ask, are you a coach, if you’re doing this you can say yes. 

But you might need more. 

Is Coaching Enough?

They might need you to be a consultant. A consultant to tell them exactly what to do. For instance, I can ask fitness business coaching clients, “What are you willing to commit to between now and next time?”

But if they don’t know how to create that powerful one-liner, and their brand mission statement, or a craft a series of emails that uses the right words based on what motivates their dream customers to buy, that’s keeping them stuck. I would be leaving them guessing. 

The trick here is this: you need to know when you’re being a coach, a consultant, and a trainer. 

And you need to charge accordingly. 

Accountability coaching is the lowest of the rankings as far as coaching goes. 

Training is next – you’re going to empower them to do it themselves. You’re a trade school. 

Consulting is the highest paid and can include coaching to support it. You tell them exactly what to do because you have a proven track record and system for getting results. But they still have to do it. 

This is an example of how you create a program. Here’s what you do on Monday, Tuesday… etc. 

Then you offer the accountability coaching to help them understand why, now that they have the GPS they aren’t using it, they’re resisting it, or don’t believe it will work for them. 

So, back to you. Are you a coach? 

Do you need one? Or do you need a consultant plus coach? 

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It’s really the best way to help someone… Both you helping your dream clients, and getting help yourself. 


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