The Truth About Email Frequency and Content

What’s your current email frequency? How did you arrive at that? Did you test less or greater email frequency to determine what works best for your audience? 

Spoiler alert. This episode dives into the real effect of a daily email frequency on the creation of a business. Now, it’s up to you. In terms of your own email frequency, do you have a limiting belief about people unsubscribing? Or do you have actual proof? 

Do you know that if they’re actually unsubscribing it’s because of your email frequency and not the subject line and email incongruence or value? 

My Guest:

Kevin Ellis, better known as Bone Coach™, is a Forbes-featured certified integrative nutrition health coach, podcaster, YouTuber, bone health advocate, and is the founder of   

Through a unique 3-step process and a world class coaching program called the Stronger Bones Solution™, he and his team have helped people with osteopenia and osteoporosis in over 1500+ cities around the world get confident in their stronger bones plan. 

His mission is to not just help over 1+ million people around the globe build stronger bones… It’s to help our children and grandchildren prevent osteoporosis and other diseases in the future so they can lead long, active lives.

Questions we answer in this episode:

How long have you been serving your niche of women with osteoporosis? 

Once someone is on your list, what’s your email frequency? 

How long do you give someone who isn’t opening emails on your list before you show them the door? 

What is the reason you have been so successful? What do you think is the difference in the way you’ve been able to build quickly, and successfully? 

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