Your Business Scorecard: For Fitness & Health Coaches

Growing your fitness & health coaching business right now may feel overwhelming. Until that is, you realize what steps you need to start, which to stop, and which you’re already doing you need to accelerate. So let’s just dive into this interactive episode. 

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When you’re busy it can feel overwhelming. It can feel stressful. But it can also be comforting. You get to ignore the little voice that is nervous about revenue and wants to be making more. That’s the benefit. When you stay in motion you don’t allow yourself to analyze what you’re doing that may not really be working. That’s the detriment for some of us that are as or more addicted to hard work as we are to results. 

I hate to admit it, but I’ve fallen into that trap. When I started over at 49 with a huge sense of urgency, I knew marketing, I’d been doing it for decades for fitness businesses, not just my own. But what I blindly failed to assess is the fact that I needed to sell, not just to market, more often. And that branding, is not marketing. It all has a place and time – branding, marketing, selling – but staying stuck in any one of them is not going to grow your business. 

True Confessions

I personally am a recovering content queen. I spent an abundance of time creating programs to sell, and then over-invested my time in content creation, before I really was selling. 

Don’t get me wrong, content creation is absolutely important. But it won’t make sales. You have to ask. 

In this business scorecard I’m sharing with you we discuss these steps:

  • Find prospects 
  • Get Clients 
  • Serve clients 
  • Retain clients 
  • Get referrals from clients/testimonials 

The reality is you can find prospects and get clients before you have your product or service ready. You want to start growing your email list so you have a waiting, willing audience when it’s time to promote. 

To do that you need a freebie gift for them so juicy that they’d have paid for it. That doesn’t mean big or something that takes a long time to consume (or create). It’s usually something that could be done in a day, or a day plus the time it takes you to enlist a graphic designer or gig. 

I’ll cover these 5 key areas for building a fitness & health coaching business : 

  1. Niche 
  2. New Clients & Customer Acquisition
  3. Follow Through 
  4. Nurture 
  5. Process & Customer Outcomes

Think of this business scorecard as a wellness checkup. Find out if your business is healthy with activities that grow your fitness & health coaching business.

Where are you in regard to a developing a niche? 

Listen to these and identify which one of them best describes where you are now. When you’re looking at the score card, you’ll realize you have 3 different numbers within the category to choose. Consider that 1 is low and 12 is high. You may decide that you’re in the lowest category right now, but you could be a 1, 2, or 3 in it. So, as you make progress, even small progress, you can improve your score. 

How well are you at attracting new clients or customers? 

Are your daily activities working for you to grow your fitness & coaching business? 

Be honest as you fill this out. You may have heard something before, know you need to do it, and still not actually be doing it.  

Does your level of follow through slow or grow your fitness & health coaching business?

People aren’t always ready to buy when you want them to buy. So how do you handle that? This section will tell you if you’re on the right track or if you have some small things that could make major improvements in what you do.

Do you dedicate time regularly or have an automated way to nurture your business? 

How do you create relationships that are beyond superficial with your customers? Do you have a predictable way to be top-of-mind for your audience? 

How well are you able to document your process? 

Do you create predictable outcomes with your avatar? What is your process or method? Listen to these statements and choose the one that best describes where you’re at right now. 

Download the cheat sheet. Do this quarterly, or if you’re building your business, do it monthly. You’ll want to declare for yourself the area you plan to focus on improving and the steps you’ll take so that you can see progress from one assessment to the next. 

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