How Choice of Color for Website or Workout Wear Matters

Your choice of color might be hurting your business. This episode, and the sister episode on Flipping 50©, will be a big eye opener for you. 

What benefit could dressing in your eye color or using your hair color for accents have for you? 

If your choice of color sends the wrong message how much could you benefit from a change? 

Feel a lack of confidence going on video or getting your pictures taken ? 

It could be color. 

I’ve loved and been drawn to specific colors all my life. I’ve also hated certain ones. And in a standoff with my then new stepfather at age 7 I wasn’t shy about what I liked and didn’t and what I’d wear and wouldn’t. I won. But, years later I know now that brown may in fact have been my better choice. Every time you dress, you create an image, you design or tweak your website or someone creates images for you, imagine if you could improve your relationship with your customers or would-be customers. What would that do for your business? If just doing the same thing, but you improved your results by 10 or 20%, would that be okay? 

Heck, yes! 

And know it or not consciously, you feel better in certain hues and tones and more selfconscious in others. Why not eliminate the random choices right now ? 

Questions we answer in this short episode: 

How important is color to relationship building in a business? 

What are some ways to implement color into more than just wardrobe choice? 

I’d love to know, have you experienced the influence of right vs wrong choice of color? What happened? 


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