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Fitness Careers You Love and Can Live On

Fitness careers are so attractive. What other environment could be as positive? Every day clients come to you and leave in a BETTER mood!

Yet, fitness careers like any other profession can wear on you.

Motivation for consistently doing the things other people won’t do (a simple secret to getting ahead) at times when other people won’t do them can wain if you can’t see how some of those less than “fun” tasks directly reward you or your business.

Social media is such a black hole! It’s a perfect example of where we may need to drag ourselves out of bed in the morning to do a task that feels potentially useless! And if you’re lost in the weeds knowing how posting is helping you attract leads that become customers, it’s easy to get discouraged!

Fitness careers, whether personal training, owning or managing a business (or all of the above), are so like exercise for our clients and members. If you don’t clearly see how what you do is helping you get where you want to go…it’s hard to be “motivated” or even committed (which is much more important).

The answer for us in the fitness industry has been in part measuring, followed by communicating the WHY of steps you give a client. We measure body composition, flexibility, strength for them.

Motivation from Measurement

What are you measuring to help you connect your actions to results?

When I share social media strategy with fitness professionals, I don’t go too deep into the social media weeds. We don’t have to. The most valuable thing you can do is establish a system and do it consistently. From that you can directly measure the success of your actions.

You can then adjust a variable and try it again. Each time you get better and your strategy improves.

Fitness careers require wearing a lot of hats. Yesteryear they were giving tours, answering phones, education, booking literally in real time and space. They haven’t changed so much as we’ve moved into digital space options. You may still be doing the marketing yourself. It’s important that you know what numbers are the ideal numbers to track!

Hint: It’s NOT your number of fans and followers. It’s not even likes on posts. There are more important numbers.

When you can see how you monetize your actions, you’ll be so much more committed to doing those actions.

Fitness careers are rewarding. They also require components that are work and are not always things you love. While you’re doing them, before you hire and delegate, create a system of actions – tracking – assessing – tweaking and testing new actions.



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How to Help Your Clients End Emotional Eating Now

Do your clients suffer from emotional eating?

Do they cancel or seem non-compliant and fail to get results?

Do you think they just lack willpower or discipline? And… do you wish you had tools to help them??

You’re in the right place today. My guest and weight loss expert Tricia Nelson lost fifty pounds by identifying and healing the underlying causes of her emotional eating.

Tricia has spent nearly thirty years researching the hidden causes of the addictive personality. Tricia is an Emotional Eating Expert and author of the #1 bestselling book, Heal Your Hunger, 7 Simple Steps to End Emotional EatingNow. She is also the host of the popular podcast, The Heal Your Hunger Show. A highly regarded speaker and coach, Tricia has been featured on NBC, CBS, KTLA, FOX and Discovery Health.

Questions we cover about emotional eating in this episode:

  1. What is your journey with emotional eating and how did it lead you to start Heal Your Hunger?
  2. How do you know if your client is an emotional eater or a food addict?
  3. Why do you think it is that 98% of all diets fail?
  4. What causes emotional eating and binge eating behavior?
  5. Is there more to emotional eating than eating too much and eating for emotional reasons?
  6. Do you have any tips to help clients differentiate between emotional and physical hunger?
  7. What are three things you recommend a person do to end emotional eating now?

emotional eating coachYou will learn in this episode:

  • Why “comfort foods” are so comforting
  • Why 98% of all diets fails
  • How to help your clients differentiate between physical and emotional hunger
  • 3 Hidden causes of emotional eating and how to heal them
  • How to stop obsessive food thoughts
  • The #1 weight loss mistake clients should never make
  • How to manage stress before it drives your clients to the kitchen

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5 Things Your Weight Loss Clients Are Afraid to Tell You and

Why It’s Costing You Business

How to Hire the Right Person for Your Team

How can you hire the right person every time?

If you’ve ever hired the wrong person, or struggled to even find a few solid candidates to interview, then this is your episode. If you’re going it solo, a part of a team, you’re on Main street, deliver services, or you’re online definitely take a listen to this podcast.

I recently had this conversation with my best friend who has more than 35 years of experience hiring and between the two of us we’ve been hiring, training, firing or being quit for a hundred years! Yikes!

We both agreed this is still one of the hardest things to get right.

So if you want to earn from our mistakes and from my guest today… pop your ear buds in or turn it up because you are going to need a team if you’re going to grow and make a difference. No one does it alone.

My guest today is Claire Garrigan.

She was among the top 3% nationwide for membership and personal training sales year after year, Claire now helps small-to-medium sized fitness facilities increase their revenue by teaching owners and staff how to sell consistently and effectively. Her sales training program, The Selling Fitness Blueprint, has been used in membership-based gyms and by personal trainers throughout North America and Europe to help fitness professionals not only increase revenue but to get them confident and comfortable with selling-without feeling like a used car salesman!

Download the cheat sheet for this podcast right now to help you get the most out of this podcast. You’ll hire the right person with a plan and you can create it right now.

1) For a fitness facility hiring membership sales staff OR a digital trainer hiring his or her first team members what are some of the key traits they should be looking for in a potential hire?

2) What are some of the mistakes facilities make when hiring their staff, sales staff or otherwise?

3.) Before you even get to an interview what are some ways you can screen to filter out the best clients and repel those candidates who would hate the job and make you both frustrated?

4.) What steps do you like to have candidates do to weed themselves out?

5.) What’s are some questions we should be asking during an interview to find out if our potential hire would be a good fit for our facility and truly are the right person?

6) Once you hire the right person, how do you set them up for success?

Connect with Claire:

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How to Choose Your Next Fitness Conference

Deciding what your next fitness conference is going to be can be both incredibly overwhelming or random. There are so many educational opportunities available both online and offline it’s mind-boggling. Online is so easy you can skip travel fees and time onsite education takes. But there’s a missing component for personal trainers gathering information that way.

The interaction and networking of onsite event provides a motivation and energy that no online program can regardless of how good.

If you agree with that, there’s still much to consider about the reason you’re going and the kind of conference you’re going to attend. Do you need marketing and sales training? Do you need a depth of information in a specific programming area to set you apart as a credible expert?

This episode is all about a conference that is the latter. If medical fitness is your niche your next fitness conference should be for and about medical fitness. We know the world is aging and the number of 50+ clients is increasing. They’re educated, experienced, and they’re looking for trainers who are too. In this episode we’re sharing highlights of the recent medical fitness tour – a special in depth fitness conference for those fitness professionals who want to serve those between medicine and standard fitness prescriptions.

My guest

Tony Berlant is a consultant, a published researcher, an author coach, and a veteran of the health and fitness industry with more than 20 years of leadership experience. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in Psychology, and his Master of Science degree in Exercise and Movement Science (focusing on Exercise and Sport Psychology) from University of Oregon. Tony has served as a certified personal trainer (NASM-CPT), a multi-club regional fitness manager, and a corporate-level Director for some of the most well-known companies in the industry.

He is currently acting as the Director of Education and Programs for the Medical Fitness Education Foundation. MedFit is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and delivering education and practical application for fitness professionals and other allied healthcare practitioners in the areas of chronic disease and other medical conditions. Tony consults for the organization, assists in the production conferences called the Medical Fitness Tour, and is involved in all areas of operations.

Questions we discussed in this episode:

How did your career with the Medical Fitness Education Foundation begin?

What is Medfit’s mission?

How is Medfit’s mission important to you?

New projects include Medfit TV, webinars, and the Tour- when was the tour “born?”

What makes the MedFit Tour a different kind of fitness conferece?

What cities are on the Tour?

  • Phoenix
  • New Jersey
  • San Francisco
  • Chicago (in conjunction with Club Industry)

What’s the presenter and topic selection process for Medfit events?

Our virtual fitness conference recap

Tony and I did a recount of the recent Medfit Tour in San Francisco and talk about highlights of topics and speakers offering medical fitness education during the 3-day event including:

Phil Kaplan

We have a broken, “I am…”

~Phil Kaplan

Andrea Leonard

Dr. Joel Fuhrman

“Exercise is the only way to speed metabolism without accelerating aging.”

~Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Dr. Tonya Butler, (Functional Biomechanics in Special Populations) TriggerPoint Performance Therapy

Dr. Evan Osar, Co-founder, The Institute for Integrative Health and Fitness Education

Every single medication has side effects.”

~Dr. Evan Osar

Dr. Kevin Steele, President PTonthenet, and PTAglobal

Dr. Jessica Knurick, Toolbox Genomics (DNA Testing)

Danielle Spangler, Founder of Coremoms

Dr. Christian Thompson, Dept. of Kinesiology, U of SF

Is this your next fitness conference?

Learn more about the Medical Fitness Education Foundation and ways to access medical fitness education online or live:


MedFit Network  |

MedFit Education Foundation |


Medical Fitness Tour |

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Carve Your Career in the Active Aging Market

Colin Milner is CEO of the International Council on Active Aging and founder of the active-aging industry in North America. Milner is also a leading authority on the health and well-being of the older adult, and has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as one of “the most innovative and influential minds” in the world on aging-related topics.

In 2010, CanFitPro Association awarded Milner with its Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to the Canadian fitness industry. His efforts have many seeking his insights. Among these are: CNN, BBC, ABC, Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, NY Times.

Colin started at $4 an hour as a fitness instructor.

  • Before ICAA what were you doing?  What was the trigger for you? The, I’m both feet in, I’m jumping, someone’s got to do it and it has to be me… moment?
  • How has your work changed? How has it evolved?
  • Is this what you imagined when you started it?
  • What do you expect to change – decline and/or grow in the future?
  • What kind of sessions will trainers and health coaches find the upcoming ICAA events to help them expand their skills?

We tease some of the content and speakers at the upcoming ICAA conference.

Key Points in this episode:

  • Definition is changing and it’s less about absence of disease and more about improvement of function
  • The most necessary shift: Your own thinking
  • The need for personalization is a key priority.
  • Genetic testing, wearables and monitoring devices, artificial intelligence.
  • Keeping them healthy so they don’t have to see the doctor for illness.
  • What skills do you need as a trainer
  • Understand the tools you’re using
  • Integrate with other experts better for epigenetics, genetic testing
  • How to get better results and prove the results.
  • Former surgeon general Ken Smith talking about wearables 3.0 looking at what’s happening inside of your body
  • The active aging market isn’t a special population but they are special:½ people in US are over 5050% of consumer spendingspend $400 billion more than any other age cohortincreased disposable income from 50 to 70%

    They are one of THE populations

Active Aging Week theme: “Inspiring Wellness”

  1. increasing awareness
  2. bringing in more people
  3. connecting

Register as a host site

It’s all Free!!

Get creative with activities that you can host, support, whether in wellness, fitness, or nutrition.

Upcoming Annual International Council on Active Aging Conference:

Long Beach CA

18-20thof October

17thpreconference: Falls/Fall reduction, Nutrition/protein and healthy aging/ID nutritional risk/malnutrition

Link to the conference details:

Get Registered!

Two American Council on Exercise Fitness Career Paths

This special episode brings two fitness professionals who’ve essentially made their careers helping other fitness professionals. They both work for the American Council on Exercise.

Rachel Eidel is the Certification Program Manager for ACE’s Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor programs. She was born and raised in Colorado and now lives in San Diego with her husband and 2 young daughters. She’s been with ACE on/off since 2010.

Alex Link is the Certification Program Manager for ACE’s Health Coach and Medical Exercise Specialist Programs. She’s been with ACE for 7 years. In her free time she loves to volunteer and travel.

For more fitness career exploration here’s  a recent podcast with Barry Ennis.

What I asked Rachel and Alex during our interview:

What is your role at the American Council on Exercise and what you do

What educational background did you have before working for ACE?

Any other jobs you held prior to what you’re doing now (elsewhere or at ACE)

Was this a position you’d aspired to or was it something that evolved?

What was your career goal – heading off to school or changing majors.. what did you see for yourself?

What’s it like to work at the American Council on Exercise?

What has changed in the time you’ve worked there – biggest changes in the industry or how your job has change based on demand or growth in certain areas?

What do you love about your position?

What’s exciting about the future of health and fitness?

What would you tell emerging trainers who are seeking jobs or internships? How can they prepare themselves best for a career today?

Is there anything you’d have done differently?

Behind the Certification Scene with American Council on Exercise with Rachel and Alex: 

All American Council on Exercise certifications require:

  1. 18 years or older
  2. HS or GED equivalent
  3. CPR-AED

The two advanced certifications for ACE, Health Coach and Medical Exercise Specialist, both have additional pre-requisites.

Health Coach is Required to have 1 of 4 pre-requisites:

  1. NCCA PT certification
  2. 2 year degree in Exercise Science or related
  3. ICHWC transition program
  4. Work experience

The Medical Exercise Specialist must have:

  1. 4-year degree in exercise science or related field
  2. 500 or more hours of training documented

*To learn more on American Council on Exercise requirements visit

If you have questions for Alex and Rachel, connect with them:

How to Leverage Your Medical Fitness Knowledge

If you’re working in medical fitness or want to this episode and the information about the Medfit Network is a must listen. If you’re wondering how to leverage your knowledge, how to connect with physicians and get referrals, this is the place to be.

My guest is Lisa Dougherty, founder of the Medfit Network. Lisa graduated from the University of California, Irvine’s Fitness Instructor Program, and went on to get her Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise. She has many specialty certifications to work with those with medical conditions, post-surgical/rehab as well as pre-& postpartum fitness.

Lisa founded the MedFit Network, an online national registry of fitness & allied healthcare professionals who have education and provide services for those with chronic disease, medical conditions, disabilities, and women’s health issues.

She established the MedFit Education Foundation in 2017 to facilitate education for professionals to keep up-to-date with the latest information on prevention, treatment and preserving the quality of life for those with medical conditions, chronic disease, etc via, webinars and a national traveling conference.

Lisa launched MedFit TV this year, a collection of educational videos, webinars, and interviews with leading experts in their related fields.  It is free to the public and MedFit Network professional members and subscriber-based for all other professionals.

Lisa has been recognized as a fitness leader several times including Personal Fitness Professional Magazine and the Huffington Post. She was also acknowledged by the White House as a Champion of Change finalist in 2016.

Lisa and I discussed these things during the podcast: 

  • How she started personal training
  • The fact that “special pops” is now most of everyone we train yet when Lisa began there was no education or easy access to continuing education. What was that like?
  • Lisa’s real purpose now is going to make a remarkable impact on the personal training industry and she shares how she’s doing it on this episode.

Questions we answer on this episode:

  • How can you be a part of Medfit Network?
  • What are the requirements or screening?
  • How do trainers become a part?
  • What’s the mission for MFN?
  • How is MFN getting the word out there?
  • How can trainers benefit from MFN?

Lisa’s tips for leveraging medical fitness expertise: 

  1. Strong website – keyword-rich articles
  2. Create a Network

Use, refer, and get referrals

  1. Write for others and establish credibility from a third party

Resources Lisa mentioned: 

The E-mythby Michael Gerber

If you are a medical fitness pro or allied health professional and would like to join MedFit Network:  www.MedFitNetwork.Org

If you’d like to learn more attending, speaking at or being a sponsor at the MedFit Tour: www.MedFitTour.Org

If you’d like check out webinars, videos and interviews visit:  www.MedFitTV.Org

Check out the other interviews in this series:

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Email marketing for fitness 

How to get more clients

How to find a fitness business coach

Skills that will get you the job and keep you full

Fitness career options you haven’t explored

The real – and simple – secret to successful fitness careers

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8 Fitness Career Boosts Training Clients with Osteoarthritis

 Training Clients with Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is prevalent in the two largest segments of the population – baby boomers and seniors – there is an increasing need for qualified health and fitness professionals like you to work with individuals experiencing degenerative joint conditions of the spine, hips, and knees. [These are individuals, who often have a sense of urgency and more disposable income- who are activity looking for you].

During this interview, my guest osteoarthritis expert Dr. Osar will share with you the three keys to developing and designing a safe and effective program for individuals diagnosed with spine, hip and/or knee osteoarthritis. If you’re already training clients with osteoarthritis you’ll love this.

Additionally, Dr. Osar will share how to attract and develop a business model that successfully serves the needs of this rapidly growing population.If you wish you were training clients with osteoporosis, this will help you position yourself as a credible expert among doctors with patients they’d love to refer.

Questions We Answered During This Episode:

  1. What are the 2-3 differences between training the older adult population with spine, hip, and/or knee osteoarthritis and the younger apparently healthy population?
  2. What are key things that need modification and/or you want to avoid in training the older adult population with spine, hip, and/or knee osteoarthritis?
  3. How can fit pros best position themselves as experts in working with the actively aging adult population with osteoarthritis?

Even if you’re already training clients with osteoarthritis (it’s hard not to!) you’ll pick up some tips to boost your confidence and reinforce the value you’re giving so you can position yourself better.

 Connect with Dr. Osar

  1. Learn more about the continuing education:
  2. See Dr. Osar at the MedFit Conference in San Franciscowhere he’s presenting on training clients with Osteoarthritis.

Details about the Medfit even in San Francisco: Main conference registration (Saturday & Sunday) include: + Nine educational sessions (with CEUs for fitness professionals) + Two 90-minute lunch & learn discussion groups + Networking and Expo + Saturday evening mixer with drinks, appetizers, and music + Complimentary 1-year professional MedFit Network Membership ($169 value!). Four optional half-day pre-conference workshops will be available on Friday, September 7 before the main conference. This 3-day event is for you if you want to start or enhance your career in medical fitness.

See you in San Francisco!

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7 Experts share their 2-minute tips

The Simple Truth of Successful Personal Training Careers

Simple skills build personal training careers. In an iconic fitness and health environment my guest has built her own career and launched the career of many others. She has seen and shares the simple habits that build sustainable personal training careers.

Erin Carson is co-owner and operator of RallySport in Boulder, Colorado since 1991 – present.  In addition to the leadership duties associated with running a successful training facility and health club, Erin runs ECFit Boulder, a strength program designed for those seeking to perform at their very best.  Her clients include world champions and olympians as well as everyday athletes seeking excellence.

Erin is the strength coach for many current and former world championship athletes including Mirinda Carfrae – 3x Ironman World Champion, Flora Duffy – 2x ITU World Champion, and Timothy O’Donnell – Long Course Triathlon World Champion – just to drop a few names.

Erin’s commitment to continuing education plus her proven track record of success with professional athletes has made her one of the most knowledgeable and accessible strength coaches in the world.

Questions I ask Erin in this episode:

  1. What are the most important qualities Erin is looking for when interviewing Personal Training Candidates?
  2. What are the key behaviors that dictate early success for a trainer?
  3. What are the biggest mistakes you see for trainers who truly struggle to make this profession work for them?

Three Key Take-Aways for the audience

  1. This truly is PRODUCT YOU!
  2. Who you are is just as important (if not MORE IMPORTANT) than what you know
  3. Pay attention and learn from the feedback coming your way.  Recognize that not all feedback is verbal.

The most successful personal training careers are not about accumulating degrees, and certifications. They’re not even about selling yourself. Erin reveals the importance of what has to both come before the education, and before sales, and is the sustaining part of the most prosperous and rewarding personal training careers.

Connect with Erin:

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Get Hired and Stay Full

Download the worksheet to get all the notes from our guests.

Fitness Career Options You Haven’t Considered

Have you explored fitness career options outside of the usual personal trainer and fitness instructor culprits? Do you aspire to do something other than own or manage a fitness center? My guest today has some experience with unique fitness careers and he’s going to open some new doors for yours.

Barry Ennis is a 31-year old fitness professional from Los Angeles. For years he struggled with standing out from literally hundreds of other instructors just like him and letting his unique voice and message be heard. In such a competitive industry, he felt like he wasn’t able to have the impact that he knew he could have.

Berry hosts a podcast called Fitness Career Mastery where he interviews fitness professionals and gets them to share how they have worked through their struggles, how they’ve achieved incredible success, and how they use their voice to change people’s lives for the better.

That intro didn’t do justice for you ..let’s do a where-in-the world is Barry Ennis right now?  And what are you doing?

This episode  explores unique fitness career options to be sure you – listener aren’t missing something you were meant to do… but haven’t yet realized is even an option.

How many unique fitness career options are there ?

Find a problem that needs to be solved. Helping fitness professionals navigate through their career.

As opposed to produce content for the sake of producing content.

Quote of the day:

“Comparison kills joy.”

“Real artists don’t copy they steal.” ~ Barry Ennis  They’re inspired by something else but they turn it into their own.

How did you start? What was your first gig? Doing the consulting?

A second yoga teacher certification  led to moving to India to study yoga indepth and got a job from someone he met. Job in Dubai so many more opportunities emerge.

  • International fitness consulting
  • Fitness model on videos
  • Virtual personal training or nutrition consultation

QuestionsI asked Bart in this episode:

  • How did you find your way to where you are now?
  • What tips do you have for finding your niche?
  • What are some examples of unconventional careers in fitness?
  • Which niches may have a longer path?
  • Future predictions about fitness careers


  1. Questions to help discover your passion and best fitness career options
  2. Action step towards what you want to do (sending an email, doing some research)

For early access to Barry’s fit pro resource:

Send an email to


Listen to the whole series. Start here.