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How to Stop Being So Busy So You Can Be Productive

How to Stop Being So Busy So You Can Be Productive

Are you so busy that you can’t take a day off? Productivity is deceptive. Yet you’re number one wish is to make more money from personal training? You’re not alone. If you’re a director, manager, or personal trainer, most likely you are doing a lot of things. You wear a lot of hats and you are so busy you may feel like you’re not even loving this career choice any more

Training a Niche?

This episode is brought to you by the Flipping 50 Specialist. It is the first and only hormone balancing fitness training for personal trainers and health coaches specifically focused on working with women in perimenopause, menopause and perimenopause.

As an advanced specialist you get a listing in the trainer directory. The number one question I’m asked after a media appearance or speaking to a women’s group is how do I find trainers who know this.

And the back end of your course is all about how to be productive, position, and package services your customers want so you’re less busy and more productive in that marketing time.

I’ve got you covered. It’s

First 50 for 50% off in 2020. Use: certificate50

Getting things done that make you more money from personal training is very different than just being busy. For instance as a personal training director, I was busy doing personal training AND running the program. Until I let go of all but about 10 hours of training a week I wasn’t really productive doing the things that grow 2 dozen people’s business.

Questions I answer (and ask you) in this episode:

  • Are you busy and is it paying off? Or Are you just overwhelmed?

            Busyness is a comfort zone.

  • Are you putting in time you have to for it to pay off later?

When you first begin podcasting, doing Facebook lives, offering free seminars, or free consultations… you do have to pay your dues for a while. You have to build up an audience.

  • Are you avoiding the fear and anxiety that sets in when you’re not busy?

For a lot of us, and I was one, being busy prevents us from feeling that the fear that this isn’t working, that we’re not making enough money, and becomes an obstacle for learning what will work.

But the danger is that you can convince yourself “I’m working so hard. I’ve tried everything.” But truthfully you’ve tried what’s comfortable and doing more of what’s comfortable – it’s a lot like clients who got to you doing a lot of what isn’t working and ended up injured, exhausted, or at least frustrated.

It’s doing the right thing that’s going to get results… not just more of the wrong thing. So you have to really be honest with yourself and look at some concrete evidence that what you’re doing is getting traction. Measure the fans and followers. Measure the email list subscribers. Measure the engagement you’re getting when you discuss certain topics or on specific social media platforms.

  • Are you measuring and testing your actions so you can become more productive?

That is the key. So if you’re busy writing blogs and your audience isn’t even reading blogs, they prefer to listen to podcasts, you may need to switch gears. Maybe that doesn’t mean you go all in and do a podcast but you do a regular Facebook live show or live stream YouTube (or both simultaneously) if they want to listen (and or watch). And then you have to remember that you do not own those platforms! So download those videos and put them on your website.


Use certificate50 for 50% off if you’re one of the first 50 in 2020!

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For support both creating a lucrative niche who is seeking answers and leveraging marketing that works, the Flipping50 Specialist is a perfect match. You’ll find it both on and because some of the absolute best trainers and health coaches are this population of midlife women themselves. Is that you?

6 Signs Your Menopause Clients Don’t Even Recognize

6 Signs Your Menopause Clients may not recognize

…and how to modify training to support natural hormone balance.

Millions of women are in menopause, 46 million according to ACOG, right now. Millions more are entering perimenopause and don’t recognize the signs.

If you don’t know it when you see it, you may not realize your usual way to help lose fat and get muscle tone will not only not work, they’ll make her worse.

What happens when she does know? She’s wants the support of a hormone balancing specialist. Do you know the signs? Menopause clients alone could fill your schedule for decades.

Questions I answer in this episode:

  • What are six signs you can use as a checklist for your clients in perimenopause?
  • What modifications will help rebalance hormones naturally?
  • What might you suggest for your clients?
  • How can you offer additional service to help her?
  • What are the self-sabotaging things she’ll do you can warn her about?
  • Where can you gain more information about working with your menopause clients?

Right now if you hurry you can get 50% off … It’s available to the first 50 Flipping50 Specialists. Get on our directory. Whether you’re interested in adding female hormone balancing coach to your current list of credentials or interested in changing careers, if you love working with women in midlife and older, now is a great time.

Use certificate50 if you’re one of the first 50 in 2020!

If you’re a woman in perimenopause, menopause or post menopause looking for a trainer, reach out, or connect with me about our online programs at 

Flipping 50 is the first and only exclusively hormone balancing fitness for women in menopause and beyond. Recognized by AARP as a top podcast for 50+ and presented internationally to fitness professionals at some of the largest fitness associations in the world.


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menopause clients

Tools to Get Clients to Stick With Their Exercise

Tools to Get Clients to Stick With Their Exercise

Clients who stick with their exercise get better results. That’s a no-brainer. We’re clearly not doing well getting that to happen. This episode unpacks things you’ll want to consider to change what happens for your clients, especially those new ones.

Dropout rates are consistent over the past 30 years. Adherence to physical activity in a way that it positively improves health and fitness has not improved.

Let’s set you on a course that helps your clients stick with their exercise – and makes you a rockstar trainer.

My Guest:

Nathalie Lacombe is mover, shaker, and joie de vivre giver! She blends her 25 years of international fitness experience with her degrees in psychology and exercise science to passionately connect with fitness enthusiasts and professionals.

After a decade as an executive at canfitpro, Canada’s leading fitness education body, she left it all to move closer to family and launch the second half of her career.

As a fitness instructor, personal trainer, international speaker, and Yoga teacher her purpose is to enhance fitness adherence and increase the number of people who find joy in being active.

Questions we answer in this episode:

  • How much do we know about what helps people stick with their exercise program? Why do most people drop out? What can truly make an impact?
  • Since exercise is painful and time consuming for most people, is making it enjoyable possible? How do pleasure and sensuality impact our preferences, choices, and behaviors?
  • Do auditory vs. visual vs. kinesthetic learners enjoy different types of exercise?
  • How can listeners know which learning style is predominantly theirs?
  • How can listeners choose physical activity that will help them crave workouts? And therefore help them stick with a program?


She’s on social:

Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn: @NathalieLacombe

Facebook Pro Page: NathalieLacombeFitness

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Learn how to attract the MOST lucrative market and KEEP THEM!

Click here to learn more about attracting the #1 most lucrative market now and for decades.

8 Tricks to Get Your Clients Through the Holidays Without Gaining Weight

8 Tricks to Get Your Clients Through the Holidays Without Gaining Weight

If they fall off your reputation may not. People expect it. But if they win – and even lose weight- your reputation soars. Here’s how.

1) Increase their sessions per week

As busy as they are if you can do 30-minute sessions with them, getting them in more frequently for short sessions may benefit them most. It’s the success-breeds-success formula. If they’ve got a session with you later in the day they’re going to do well earlier that day. If they have a session with you early they’re going to have better choices the rest of the day.

2) Add a coaching call component to in person sessions

Whether it’s those same more frequent short sessions in person or it’s this added coaching call, skype, or Facetime with you, checking in regularly is what made Weight Watcher’s famous. Even when people didn’t lose the weight or gained it all back WW got them back because accountability is the #1 thing people say they need and value. So give them what they want.

3) Add an incentive

Make it monetary, or status, or complimentary services. Let them choose. But if someone meets with you 4 more times during the holidays and you reward them with fifty dollars cash for not gaining weight… you still win and so do they.

4) Add a daily text

Make it personal. Sure you can create a group and send a mass text message. If you’re seeing a large number of people get a professional service and set this up like a real business. Don’t copy everyone in a group so they can see they’re just one of many. If you have 10-20 clients take the time to do this for each. What does it take? Copy and paste your email from your note and address it uniquely to individuals.

Drop in one relevant and easy tip to make it a “healthy day.”

5) Send a daily Personal Video

            You can do this easily and professionally and track the opens with a service like Bombbomb that I love. But you can skip the $500 annual fee and just record and send from your phone. Just a message with your smile and warm voice is enough. Or demonstrate a stress-busting stretch or core exercise.

6) Share a healthy recipe for the hors d’oeuvres they’ll have otherwise

            In your text message, email between sessions, or video share this and the place they can print or download.

7) Start a private Facebook group (pop up)  

Link it to an email list (you can capture their email with certain plugins on Facebook and you just ask for the email as a part of the questions to join the group).

8) Have a weigh in now and the first week of January

Have everyone interested pay $10 to join the one-horse-open weigh and if they gain weight, they forfeit their $10. If they maintain they’re still in. If they lose, they get a “chance” for every pound the lost. Hold a drawing for the winners of the $ prize as well as some extra gifts so there are plenty of winners. Give away a group program, towel service for a month, a VIP locker for a month, or something else of value (that ideally isn’t a time investment for you).

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Women’s Fitness, Health, & Hormones | Training Menopause

Women’s Fitness, Health, & Hormones | Training Menopause

Are you training women in perimenopause, menopause, or post menopause? Chances are good you are or will. There are 6000 women a day entering menopause. They’re looking for help and they’re educated, interested, and can afford it.

To get them is easy. To keep them is the trick. They know if you do or don’t know your hormones and can help by discussing your role with their functional or western trained doctors.

This episode explores the tremendous opportunity and the possible ways you’re missing it.

In addition to coaching trainers and businesses on how to monetize their social media, I am founder of Flipping 50, where I’ve developed a community of over 150,000 in the past 6 years. Social media works, and women are seeking support online. I’m the creator of the Flipping 50 Specialist, where I share my system with you so you can create a business serving a market that will be a major source of health influencers for decades.

Questions I answer in this episode:

  • What is the difference between hormone balancing exercise and conventional exercise prescription?
  • How is training menopause clients unique?
  • What advantages are there to training menopause clients?
  • How can you set yourself up as the authority in training menopause clients?
  • Do you have questions about training menopause clients?

Check out both my books for resources or reach out for a consultation to learn whether a certification is optimal for you.

Connect for more about this course and pre-con: Pre-Con Tour

More information on other course & pre-con contents:

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Training Exercise in Pregnancy and After | Women’s Fitness

Training Exercise in Pregnancy and After | Women’s Fitness

In this second (of three) podcast episodes dedicated to women’s health, fitness, and hormones I’m joined by exercise in pregnancy expert Danielle Spangler. This follows my interview with Dr Michelle Maddux on adolescent female fitness. Next up in this series I’ll round up with insight on training that booming market of women in perimenopause, menopause, and post menopause.

Exercise in pregnancy and after delivery can be a significant part of working with women. As part of a new course being developed by the Medical Fitness Network, pregnancy and post partum are discussed in this episode. The course will launch in 2020. There will be a live pre-conference workshop at the Medfit Tour stop in Irvine in Feb 2020.

Danielle Spangler, creator of CORE MOM (Corrective Obstetrical Related Exercise), is also a nationally known speaker, presenter, and contributing writer for the Medical Fitness Network and Medical Fitness Education Foundation. She’s been researching in the prenatal space since 1995.

She owns her own boutique fitness studio and together with her husband is parenting three children. (She’s been there, done that!) In addition she’s authored prenatal programs for continuing education for the National Academy of Sports Medicine and Fitness Learning Systems.

  • What are some common mistakes and myths with exercise during pregnancy and after delivery?
  • What are some key benefits of exercise for women and their unborn baby?
  • Why is this Medfit Women’s Health, Fitness, and Hormones course so important to the health and fitness professional?
  • How will this [Medfit] course affect the health of a woman and empower her after childbearing years?
  • Why do you think this course is unique compared to other courses out there?

Connect with Danielle:

Medfit Specialist course:

Women’s Health, Fitness, and Hormones pre-conference workshop at med fit tour in SoCal

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For a deep dive into Women’s Hormones in specifically Perimenopause, Menopause, and Beyond for authority & positioning with 6000 women a day entering menopause, click here.

Personal Trainer’s Guide to Working with Adolescents (females)

Are you working with adolescents? Find yourself coaching youth sports or being asked by parents to work with their kids?

This episode will keep you up to date on what to consider and what’s important working with this population.

Dr. Michelle Maddux received her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM) in Tempe, AZ and her Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Phoenix. She is the Director of Operations and Product for Toolbox Genomics and the founder of Soaring Phoenix, a consulting firm dedicated to educating clinicians on the fundamentals of integrative and functional medicine. She is passionate about changing the paradigm of medicine and stopping the epidemic of complex chronic disease.

Dr. Maddux focuses on the areas of nutrition, integrative medicine, adolescent medicine and eating disorders. She is a part of a team collaborating on a Women’s Fitness and Hormones Course for MedfitNetwork.

Questions we answered in this episode:

While some trainers love this age group, many wellness professionals – or their bosses – are terrified of working with adolescents, what would you say to change their minds?

Let’s compare for listeners, say what might be the major difference in what a 13-year-old female should be doing in a workout versus a 23-year old?

What are the pros and cons of being a male trainer working with adolescents, specifically females?

How do listeners effectively target these age groups in advertising?

Or do they target the parents of adolescents?

Click here to learn more about the upcoming course:

pre-conference workshop at med fit tour in SoCal:

Accounting and Bookkeeping Tips for Fitness & Health Coaches

Accounting and Bookkeeping Tips for Fitness Pros

Accounting and Bookkeeping don’t come naturally to most fitness professionals. You’ve got so many other hats to wear that it is likely something you only think if you start up and need a loan or investors. If you’re a trainer or coach going solo or online, you may never have needed (or so you thought) additional revenue.

Have computer, open for business may have been your motto. (I get that, it was mine too, until I realized all the courses I needed to invest in and the contractors who I needed to build out what I wanted).

Taxes are No Joke 

If anything is a guarantee in fitness business and life, it’s taxes. Building a sustainable fitness business that’s truly a career not a hobby is not easy. It’s easy to spend hundreds or thousands on tights, music, and equipment and realize you still have no clients. With guaranteed taxes and expenses and no guaranteed revenue you can quickly have a problem.

Want good news?

There’s a solution to this. Get savvy on the taxes, accounting and bookkeeping structure that can help you now. You’ll sleep better.

There’s a big difference between someone who offers accounting and bookkeeping services and someone who really cares about your business. A lot of people will just crunch the numbers and tell you how much your taxes are. Someone invested in your success will help you determine whether something is a good or bad decision right now.

 Accounting and Bookkeeping Roles

Your bookkeeper is going to do monthly P&L balance sheets and any kind of special reporting you need.

Your accountant is going to handle big-picture recommendations for your business that include legal changes, legal obligations, vision for the company, corporate tax return and possibly personal tax returns.

In most instances accounting and bookkeeping services are provided by two different people.

Your accountant and attorney might need to talk about what kind of entity you should be. Is LLC right for you or S-corp, or C-corp, for example? Sometimes your decisions are both legal and financial.

Money Mindset

If you’re still in the mind-set of “this is how much I make per hour, earned today, this week or month = this is how much I can spend,” you can get in financial trouble quickly. Likewise, credit cards make it easy to overextend yourself with items you really don’t have an ROI on.

My guest in this episode answers a few questions – specifically about taxes – for you. 

Shannon Weinstein 

Shannon is a CPA and fitness professional based in Connecticut. After working in accounting for over ten years she discovered her passion for fitness, she decided to apply her background into her passion. Shannon provides one on one coaching for fitness professionals and business owners, as well as tax and accounting services. She operates most of her business virtually, serving clients all over the country.

Accounting and bookkeeping shannon w

Questions we cover in today’s podcast:

  • Tell me more about how you became interested in the subjects of finance and fitness.
  • What are the common mistakes you see fitness professionals make when it comes to managing money?
  • What should our listeners know if they are moving from being employed to becoming self-employed?
  • How much does it cost to hire a bookkeeper or accountant and what are the options?
  • How can our listeners get in touch with you to find out more about accounting and bookkeeping services?

Connect with Shannon:

That bury-your-head-in-the-sand approach really gets worse with time. That desire to just focus on making more money will limit you and the good you can do.

With 6000 women a day entering menopause, not finding the trainers who understand hormone balancing exercise, this investment will pay of with a single client. The Flipping 50 Specialist  Enroll now.

Flipping 50 specialist

You’ll learn how to create programs for hormone balance, coach women based on signs of perimenopause, menopause, and post menopause for natural hormone balance with exercise, interpret labs for exercise changes, suggest questions for your clients’ practitioner, and market to a distinctly hormone balancing fitness expert for a population that controls wealth.

How to Write Your Best Fitness Blogs Faster

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How to Write Your Best Fitness Blogs Faster

How would you like your best fitness blogs for the next 6 months done?

Most fitness pros agree they don’t have time to create content. They also say, they can’t have just anyone create blogs for them, because no one knows your customers like they do. I would agree with that 110%.

But let’s be serious. A great blog post – even if you like to write and enjoy it – could easily take 4 hours. Right? Between research, citations, outline, developing thoughts, editing, and adding images, there’s a lot. That’s before key word research, crafting a killer title, and creating a pretty link plus creating social media pieces to promote it.

Okay, you get the idea. Getting to your best fitness blogs faster is almost an impossible promise. Or is it? I’m going to tackle that in the next few minutes.

By the way, there are two essentially, cheat sheets that go with this episode. The 5 Minute Blog Formula and the one other… I’ll unveil in just a minute that you’re going to want to listen and fill out after you’ve listened. I know that everything is electronic today but if you’re really trying to connect with your customer, putting a pen on paper and writing is the best way to do it. So go old school and print those out.

Okay, so there you have it, you’re going to want to go get the cheat sheet I’ve given you for this episode. Then you’ll want the 5-Minute Blog Formula is you don’t already have it.

Before Your Best Fitness Blogs

There’s even more to it though. You want your promotions calendar done so you know what you should be talking about. That will ensure you’re seeding the desire for your programs.

<And by the way, if your sales red flag is coming waving right now, stop for a second. When I use words like seeding the desire for your program, what’s that feel like for you? Check in with that. Because this is not a sleazy, salesy thing. This is you suggesting that you understand a client’s problem so well that you have the answer to solve it.  If you’re thoughts go something like this… “Oh, I see what you’re doing, you’re going to be asking for a sale” and you think negatively about that, you’ve really got to do some personal work about what you do, how it helps, and the fact that if you don’t tell someone that you can help and you have a program designed for them you can’t change lives. If you want to make more money but you don’t like asking for money, you’ve got a problem my friend. Don’t you think? I won’t go down this track for now but this is really important.>

I’m going to operate on the belief you have your monthly promotions done for this post’s sake. You know what programs are launching every month all year. I’m imagining that right now you know for the next six months what programs you’re going to be starting. The 4-8 weeks prior to a program start is your launch period. Psst! If you don’t know what you’re promoting each month, stop. Do it first. If you need help doing that, I can help.

Effective Launches Feature Your Best Fitness Blogs

During that launch period you would be using blogs specifically tied to the problem your program solves. It’s how your best students and clients will find you. They’re already looking for answers. You want to have content they love/are grateful for just prior to opening your cart for registration. If your programs are always available to purchase, inevitably you still have times when you offer a special or you have a theme to the training. [Don’t get lost in language of “open cart.” If that’s a new term we can talk about it.]
[FLIP: rethink having your services always available. There are a lot of good reasons why you want to limit availability. I won’t go into that now but if you want to talk about how to do this and explore coaching on restructuring your offers to make them more effective, set up a consult to decide the best way I can help.]

Be Afraid of General Information

Think about the way you search for information. You get very specific so you get the right answer from Google. Your customer does too. You may think that if you talk to one customer you’ll alienate the rest. More accurately, if you speak to “everyone” you will alienate everyone.

If you go pick out a book at Amazon for instance, do you just type in “books”? Of course you don’t. You either have a specific title or author you’re looking for or a specific topic, right? No one searches for “fitness.” You would search for “exercise after 50” or “exercise for weight loss,” or “time-effective workouts.” Would those potentially apply to a lot of people? Yes. So you want to go deeper. What a 65-year old woman should do in a 15-20 minute workout is going to be different than what a 25-year old male should do. Whether a 65-year old woman’s goal is to move without arthritis pain or her goal is a better 10k time she’ll be drawn to a different post and program, right?

So specific is VERY important for your success.  The more information is easily available to consumers the more you should be the one they find when they are searching for how to lose weight after their third baby or how to boost testosterone for a better libido after 50. That’s what they’re looking for (and can find) online.

Get your 6 SHORT STEPS to a Year of Fitness Promotions
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10 Ways to Fill Your Fitness Programs Right Now 

10 Ways to Fill Your Fitness Programs Right Now 

Right now as you read this you’re either in the middle of launching a fitness program, or preparing to launch a next one. You either are super confident you’ll fill it and have a wait list or you wish you had that problem!

It’s the cycle of fitness promotions. Here’s the truth about these 10 things that I’m sharing with you right now. Those who do them, most if not all, consistently repeatedly, fill more programs.

But I don’t want you to be overwhelmed. So I don’t want you to do them all or even attempt to right now.

First, I want you to pick two or three you’re already doing and do them better. More consistently and consciously.

Then, pick another one and do that equally as well.

If you hop down to #2 for instance, once you do that – as tedious as it may be if you haven’t done it yet – you will be better prepared next time to tell the people who absolutely want the solution you provide so they can register.

If you do #9 it’s a one time change out when you’re starting a promotion. You do it, everyone on your team who emails does it, and you’re done. You may need to create a graphic and get a change date on the calendar so it’s up to date and you switch back when the promo is over, but it’s not an ongoing task.

#1. Email More Than You’re Comfortable.

There’s no sense in fearing people will unsubscribe if they weren’t going to be customers anyway.

There’s a system you want to use during a promotion that means you’ll email at least 5 times in four days. If you’re not doing that during specials, you’re leaving money on the table.

#2. Segment Your Lists.

Send the right email to the right people. If you don’t know how to segment lists so you’re emailing the right stuff to the right people get help now. People will either leave those unopened (which will hurt your delivery results anyway) or they will report “spam” if it’s not relevant to the reason they subscribed to you.

#3. Announce on Social Media After….

You give, give, give. If you only post announcements of sales and opportunities to buy you won’t have enough of a following to make it matter. So yes, do change your Facebook cover and do live videos. Just be sure you’re giving tips and take aways ALL year and not just selling all the time. Less than 20% of your time on social should be selling.

#4. Add Banners on Your Website.

Place them on your home page or at least on a special blog post. Don’t keep your promotion a secret.

#5. Create at least one special content.

Write a special blog post, create a special podcast, or video (live or recorded). Right now as I record it’s bonus time at Flipping 50 Specialist cert. When you enroll in the Advanced Specialist you get 4 bonuses to boost your hormone balancing fitness business. This ad for the promotion is going right here right now. When I do the audit that’s a part of the bonus for you, I’ll be looking at how you can best adapt these 10 promotional actions.

Register for the Flipping 50 Advanced SpecialistRight Now to be eligible for 4 Bonuses through Oct 15, 2019. (ends Oct 16, 2019/only Advanced Specialist)

  • Master Class: How to Make an Offer & personal coaching call (value $150)
  • Master Class: Social Media System & personal coaching call (value $150)
  • Client Attraction Worksheet & personal coaching call (value $150)
  • Plus: opportunity to do 6 mos. Coaching at 3 mos. rate (value $1500)

#6. Gift Some Spots for PR.

During a Social Media giveaway or a live streaming video give away a spot in the program you’re promoting. You then have a chance to describe the program and benefits fully. You can use the giveaway to grow your social media following too.

After you give, announce the winners on all your platforms and via email so you have another reason to promote the program.

#7. Include Nearby Businesses or Affiliates (digital)

No one reaches big success alone. Start asking partners whose customers or audience would benefit from your program.

#8. Create Swag.

T-shirts, water bottles, journals. Everyone loves to get swag for “free” as a part of a program. Start wearing it yourself. Give one to every registrant and tell them if they’re caught wearing them (sending you a selfie) or seen in the club, they’ll be eligible for a prize.

#9. Add Your Program to Your Email Signature.

In every communication be sure you’re using that real estate wisely. If you have a customer service or support ticket service you use like Fresh Desk, for instance, make sure you optimize it.


#10. Answer Questions.

Create videos where you answer questions about the program. Discuss the benefits, the logistics, what to expect, what participants need to succeed. Include testimonials. Discuss the format. Close: ask for the sale.

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