For Fitness Professionals

Menopause Fitness Specialist Program

An online specialty course to expand your knowledgebase, position your expertise and deliver premium services to your clients

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Position yourself for clients ready to invest in answers with the
Menopause Fitness Specialist Program

As a personal trainer or health coach, there are many ways you can support people toward improved well-being and better health. This Flipping 50 Menopause Fitness Specialist™ course helps you accommodate the evolving industry and client needs.

Too often clients with hormone imbalances, or simply a new hormone phase, requiring special  exercise programming are given a traditional exercise prescription that fails them. Those clients are actively seeking support, not finding quality options, and they’re ready to invest in the right answers.

Create a revenue stream that will last for decades.

Understanding current trends of the fitness industry as well as the emerging ones and keeping up with the knowledge to serve clients is like buying insurance for your business. 

Women make up 80% of personal training clients. Midlife and older women have an urgency they’ve never experienced before… that, unlike a wedding or a class reunion, will not fade. They want to reach menopause in a way that leads to fewer issues, and enjoy a post menopause that is full of activity vs. illness.

Flipping 50

Menopause Fitness Specialist


(Both options qualify for CEUs. However, only the Advanced option comes with business templates, a Facebook group.


Flipping 50

Advanced Menopause Fitness Specialist

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The Flipping 50 Menopause Fitness Specialist

What you get with this hormone balancing exercise expert program

Online Resources

Time-saving Business tools

(Advanced option)

Smart Investment rewards

Become a hormone-supporting, menopause fitness specialist™ for your clients. Be the expert who really knows how to help, develop relationships with clients (and allied health professionals) that last, and keep recurring and new revenue streams in your coaching business!

Gain a competitive edge and serve an adapting market by investing in the training to become a specialist for women in their 40s, 50s and 60s, and beyond.

For Fitness Professionals

Menopause Fitness Specialist Program​

An online specialty course to expand your knowledgebase, position your expertise and deliver premium services to your clients


The Flipping 50 Menopause Fitness Specialist

Here are the Key Skills You’ll Gain as you become a hormone balancing exercise expert

How to assess your client’s hormone signs & symptoms:

You can’t give every midlife woman in menopause the same workout format or schedule. Make your training the true custom exercise prescription clients need.

How to create systematic, integrated, custom hormone balancing exercise for midlife clients:

This skill ensures you enjoy reliable, consistent, and predictable results for clients. With the data you gain as you train with midlife-specific solutions, you’ll be able to show proof that gains credibility.

How to create a plan for delivering your service or product:

This skill helps you understand the steps, sequence, and delivery of your unique program or service. It provides practical ideas you can use to play to your personal strengths and start strong or improve your current delivery method. You’ll experience it from a meta level as you go through the course and then receive the coaching that explains why it was done that way.

How to set your coaching strategy:

This skill is based on the ability to define the highest priorities for your midlife female clients. It allows you to have the most success by reducing confusion and overwhelm for your clients. You can underwhelm and overdeliver: leading to greater client success.

How to integrate hormone assessment together with existing client intake forms:

This skill helps you create an integrated, vs isolated, plan that uses the skills you have as a trainer, instructor, or health coach, for comprehensive data collection. That allows multiple ways for clients to see and feel progress along the way.

How to design effective communications:

This skill will help you break through the noise on line and understand what a prospective client, a lead, or a customer needs to hear first before they ever say yes. You will identify what they are thinking and feeling so you can meet them where they are.

How to identify and handle adrenal dysfunction:

This skill helps you distinguish between menopausal hormone imbalance and more serious adrenal dysfunction.

How to create a supportive environment for your clients:

This skill comes from observing two unique groups during your program. You’ll witness what can happen in a done-it-yourself course and the power of interaction among like-minded individuals who support each other in learning and asking. This skill will help you determine how to support your clients.

How to provide online programs that increase passive income:

This skill will help you increase your career and revenue stream options as a trainer, health coach, or fitness instructor. With your personal definition of success, this skill will allow you to choose in real person sessions, group sessions, online live sessions, online recorded sessions/lessons or any combination of these.

How to answer questions about intermittent fasting, keto, or vegan, for your menopause clients:

This skill will allow you to acknowledge scope-of-practice  by presenting the science women need and demand. You’ll support your midlife client’s decision-making and enhance your value as a fitness & health coach.

ALL this PLUS... these Exclusive Bonuses to help you:

Make Sure You’re Found by Your Ideal Customers: the ones hungry for menopause fitness specialists not “I can help anybody” generalists. Enhance Your Understanding of Current & Contemporary Menopause Concerns, and Optimize your Ability to Coach Menopause Clients.


Fasting & Exercise Science for Women in Midlife


Pelvic Floor Function & Support


Business Builder: Affiliate Training for Client Success & Revenue Streams


Marketing Strategy: More Menopause Clients

Just Some of the Exclusive Expert Interviews included (to give you the coaching edge):

Beyond the Science, there is the art of working with women, our Experts share both.

Dr Joan Rosenberg

Coaching Clients to Change

Three-time TEDx speaker, bestselling author, consultant, media expert and cutting-edge psychologist Dr Joan Rosenberg is a globally respected innovative thinker, acclaimed speaker and trainer. As a member of the Association of Transformational Leaders, she has been recognized for her thought leadership and influence in personal development. Dr. Rosenberg has been a featured expert in multiple documentaries, and on tv, radio, digital and print media. A California-licensed psychologist, Dr. Rosenberg speaks on how to build confidence, emotional strength, and resilience; how to achieve emotional, conversational and relationship mastery; communication and team building. An Air Force veteran, she is a professor of graduate psychology at Pepperdine University in Los Angeles, CA. Her latest book is 90 Seconds to a Life You Love: How to Master Your Difficult Feelings to Cultivate Lasting Confidence, Resilience and Authenticity.

Dr. Beverly Yates

The Prediabetes Client mindset

Diabetes expert, author, and internationally recognized speaker Dr. Beverly Yates ND has over 28-years’ experience of working with those who struggle with blood sugar issues related to type 2 diabetes and prediabetes and feel like nothing works for them. She uses her systems engineering background as an MIT electrical engineer in combination with her naturopathic medicine skills to help people achieve and maintain blood sugar control. She is the author of Heart Health for Black Women: A Natural Approach to Healing and Preventing Heart Disease, and co-author of multiple books, including one with Jack Canfield, The Soul of Success, Vol. 2.

Your female clients 40-60 are more likely to experience insulin resistance leading to belly fat, the spare tire, and no single exercise is the answer. This is game-changing women’s coaching content.

Tricia Nelson

Emotional Eating Barriers to Success

Tricia Nelson lost fifty pounds by identifying and healing the underlying causes of her emotional eating. Tricia has spent over thirty years researching the hidden causes of the food addiction. Tricia is an Emotional Eating Expert and author of the #1 bestselling book, Heal Your Hunger: 7 Simple Steps to End Emotional Eating Now. She is also the host of the popular podcast, The Heal Your Hunger Show. Tricia is a highly regarded speaker and coach, and has been featured on The List, NBC, CBS, KTLA, FOX and Discovery Health, and has two TEDx talks on the topic of Emotional Eating.

Tricia’s interview will provide insights for working with this challenging midlife womens’ struggle. 

Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum

Coaching Boundaries & Scope

Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum trains people to become Functional Medicine health coaches because she believes that growing the health coaching profession will be the solution to combatting chronic disease and reducing healthcare costs.

 As founder and CEO of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, a collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine, Sandra is a leader in the field of health coaching education. An educator and licensed clinical psychologist for over 35 years, she was a pioneer in blending Functional Medicine principles with positive psychology, cognitive-behavior therapy, and mind-body medicine. Dr. Scheinbaum is the author of How to Become a Health Coach, Functional Medicine Coaching and Stop Panic Attacks in 10 Easy Steps.

This interview will set your mind at ease and boost your effectiveness with women to a new level. 

Position yourself for clients ready to invest in answers

Too often menopause clients in a very specific hormone phase requiring a specific fitness plan are given a generic exercise prescription. Those clients prime candidates for a thriving business: they are seeking support, not finding enough options, and they’re ready to invest in the right answers.

By the numbers

More than 75% of clients who hire a health or fitness coach are women.

Only 39% of all sports medicine and exercise research features women.

Women go through an average of 7 unique hormone changes in their lives, (that each demand a unique exercise prescription), So less than 10% of research supports a woman during any one phase of hormone change she goes through. 

There’s more. Midlife women influence 3 generations and will number 1.2 trillion in the US alone, controlling a significant amount of wealth. 

This course and bonuses includes information often-overlooked in 2 and 4-year degrees and certification courses. It’s everything for the woman Pre, peri, and post menopause:

Who created the Flipping 50 Menopause Fitness Specialist course?™

I’m a 38-year full-time fitness professional who IS in the boat rowing with you. At 58, I don’t just get the science, I know what it’s like. I combine that with a an exercise psychology and counseling training. I’ve been working with women in midlife for almost 4 decades, and for the past decade exclusively with women in midlife/menopause to serve the huge gap between contemporary science and fitness programming. Even if you’ve been a “personal trainer” there is a good chance you’ve had zero training in menopause fitness or customizing for midlife women. 

I train trainers, instructors, and health coaches internationally on midlife women’s fitness with the Flipping 50 Menopause Fitness Specialist™. I’ve authored courses, and sit on advisory board of medical fitness organizations, serve as Subject Matter Expert for prestigious certification agencies, and been asked to contribute to books for others.

Watch my TED Talk!

My TEDx talk title tells it all, Everything Women in Menopause Learned About Exercise May Be a Lie.

For Fitness Professionals

Menopause Fitness Specialist Program​

An online specialty course to expand your knowledgebase, position your expertise and deliver premium services to your clients

Frequently Asked Questions: Answers!

I know you’ve got questions… and I’ve got answers. We’re totally transparent about how we operate and why!

Training can begin any time. The sooner you’re in the Specialist training, the more time and energy you’ll have to grow your business. AND… you’re not late. There is still room to create a niche and supply the great demand for better solutions. 

No. I have Flipping 50 Fitness Specialists who just wanted the knowledge for themselves and friends, or who are nurses, chiropractors, yoga or fitness instructors and want to help their clients get better results or expand their services by narrowing their niche. Whether this is purely for you, or you know your exact vision for business, you’re welcome.

Yes! Look, women in menopause are going to seek trainers. If you care enough to dig into the things that make training a woman in menopause so different, my program will equip you with the resources and knowledge you need to do that. Plus, you’ll have the messaging for marketing to them in a way they’ll want to work with you. 

Yes! The comprehensive program starts with you. You will start by experiencing my signature program as “a client” and we layer the coaching insight on top of it. You’ll get my proprietary process and understand how to teach it to your clients. If you’ve got your own struggles and experience your own transformation during menopause (or beyond) you will only enhance your ability to reach clients and help them succeed. Your story is an asset.

As a Flipping 50 Menopause Fitness Specialist™, you will be able to guide clients through a blueprint step-by-step based on their unique menopause needs. You will have tools to offer and know the pivots to make when something changes or there is a plateau. When hormones change, the hormone balancing exercise will change. You, will make changes that make your midlife female clients feel better not worse, as many traditional or “for everybody” programs do.

Immediately, as a Flipping 50 Fitness menopause Specialist, your value increases.  People expect to pay more for an expert. Your earning potential increases in 3 ways: charge more, help more people, or both. When you diversity how you offer service, you can amplify that again!

There are 8 modules actual modules you’re prompted to stay on track over 9 weeks. Some Flipping 50 Menopause Fitness Specialists go through at an accelerated rate and others choose to pace themselves and then review before they’re ready to take the final quiz. I recommend 8-9 weeks to truly experience the course as your clients or customers would experience change over time. 

Much of the Flipping 50 Menopause Fitness Specialist learning occurs as you experience the course yourself. You’ll have about 10 1-hour modules and masterclasses. It’s the time between the modules integrating  the coursework that makes the difference. You’ll adopt the systems by practice. I recommend setting aside an hour or so once a week for each module’s lesson. Then you’ll implement homework as you do daily life.

There are two options. Both provide CEUs but the Flipping50 Fitness Menopause Specialist is for someone who primarily wants it for their own benefit. The Advanced Flipping 50 Fitness Specialist is for the trainer or health coach who plans to or is already working with midlife women and can see that a couple small sales or one single sale with a long-term client will make the investment back. You’ll have the knowledge, solutions, and confidence to make those sales so much easier.

First, you’re not alone! Few trainers or health coaches got into this from a marketing or sales background. Some of the most successful trainers are those heart-centered trainers though. You can be both that and have a killer marketing message. Bonuses (if applicable at the time you purchase) will support you with this.

This made-for-menopause course focuses primarily on the practical exercise endocrinology and not sales and marketing. If you pay attention, you’ll pick up tips about messaging along the way, however. If you desire more, there is a mastermind experience and an opportunity for private coaching with me to strategize your plan. Start here. Focus on the science. Watch your confidence grow and you may find marketing issues resolve. 

For Fitness Professionals

Menopause Fitness Specialist Program​

An online specialty course to expand your knowledgebase, position your expertise and deliver premium services to your clients

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