Most personal trainers love fitness, but don’t love selling. Yet that’s what stands in the way between you and your career goals of helping people and making a profit while you do it.

Looking to grow your business or the habits you know you need to develop in order to do that? The Dollars and Sense of Selling Exercise: Promoting Personal Training With Integrity is a comprehensive manual that will help all trainers get new clients and increase their income.

It will teach you what to say, when to say it, and what to avoid. It will teach you the correct questions to ask in order to persuade potential clients to make a commitment to their health and fitness.

The book covers buying habits, communication, and integrity, explaining the what, how, and why, making those often challenging business components easy to digest and implement. The Dollars and Sense of Selling Exercise is an excellent resource for personal trainers and fitness professionals to help guide them to success in the business of fitness.

You don’t have the BIG budget of the big box or big bootcamp…but…

Your phone isn’t ringing and your inbox isn’t full in spite of your efforts.

These are things that many of my clients, or audience members, say before they begin to discover the beauty (and economy) of authority, or content marketing.

Here’s why discovering content marketing is important:

252,000 Certified Personal Trainers are registered. There are increasing numbers of personal trainers out there. Some are already creating YouTube videos, writing articles, and getting traffic to their websites because of it.

Here’s What’s Inside:

How To Create Video That Sells
How To Master Email Marketing
How To Write Headlines That Get Opened
How To Monetize Your Email Messages
How To Get In The News With Press Releases
How To Write and Publish an Ebook
How To Create a Podcast

This is for you if you:

Know what questions your customers ask consistently
Want to share knowledge and focus on that more than sales
Love to help people solve problems
Want to become the expert in your market
Have something of value to share with customer

This is not for you if you:

Don’t like to create original content
Aren’t willing to create a regular schedule and stick to it
Think you already know what you need to know about social media
Are fine with the volume of business you have now
This is the lowest investment you’ll make for maximum return. At only $7 for this collection of social media marketing how-to’s will increase exposure with the right market for pennies. Invest in it now and contact me for a complimentary 15 minute consult on how to get started with a publishing schedule that will get you traffic coming in.

Rather get this in Amazon immediately? What I want…is for you to HAVE it and USE it! Same price either way…a bit faster in Amazon. Look forward to seeing your videos, articles and events around the ‘net!

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