What to Post on Social Media | How I Decide Weekly Content

How on earth do you decide what to post today?

First, of all, my process is more efficient than ever. Although I love to get random ideas and I used to take random options, the more people I help the less I can do that. So while I do jot down notes, save them on my phone while I’m riding my trainer or when I finish a walk, I don’t just start posting based on a great idea. I batch. First I plan content around the topic or topics I’m focused on this month. I know what my new students have to know and believe before they get started, before they buy.

Before We Begin

This should go without saying that you and I are both here to help people. You have something of value to offer. You are a client-centered coach and know the science behind what you’re doing and why it works and who it is perfect for. Because just anyone using marketing when what they have isn’t science based and heart-centered has led to the wide continuum of fitness industry quality. Okay, now let’s dive in. If I have a program that’s open soon for enrollment I am going to want to be sure everyone who is a perfect candidate knows about it. (I also avoid telling someone about it who doesn’t want anything to do with it.)

I identify what they need to know and what they think they know.

  • What do they need to know?
  • What do they need to believe?
  • What do they know now?
  • What do they believe now?
  • What are they doing now?
How do I relay a message and make them feel smart, savvy, and respected for whatever they’ve been thinking and doing? I ask that because no one responds well to a condescending message. I want to teach not preach. It would be so easy to say, “do this, not that.” And yet, I’m sure you’ve seen it too… some trainers or owners won’t take time to explain and can’t articulate or compromise. It’s their way or the highway. When you finally get that it’s delivery not just the message, you first have to set out not to offend. I do at least. I learned that lesson from an editor/publisher. I didn’t realize I needed to hear it when he said it but I did. So, back to the batch.

I pick my theme

This is easy when you look at your programs, services, specials and consider the season or the month. What’s my topic or theme based on what’s happening in our business? My topic this month is about a Strength training program. I’ve also got to  have a direction I want to go. I want them to believe it’s crucial to aging and hormone balancing and think they absolutely need it. I want them to be doing it, with me, and know why there is a specific way how that is unique to hormone balancing.

I meet them where they are. 

They’re doing barre, Pilates, yoga, and using small weights, bands or tubing. I keep this in mind when I’m writing. They think they’re doing the right thing. They think this is helping. So I have to be thoughtful about how I suggest they may not be following the fastest route to their goals. I also know they want to get rid of belly fat. They are very interested in core exercise. So topics I’m going to create content around include all of those things.

I play with titles.

I use YouTube, buzzsumo, answer the public and other tools to create titles that inspire my content. I may be choosing 5 or 6 titles at a time. It really helps to keep content congruent, complimentary, yet fresh. Then I gather for primary research on pub med, and specific journals I use. Next I make notes. I like to use at least one but up to 5 primary sources. I also link back to my own relevant articles on my site or other sites which increases the total scientific proof because they’re also referenced.

I write bullets

I create subheadings, and think about images and graphics that I would post on social media that encourage saving and lead back to the content where there is a specific call-to-action. Keep in mind your image doesn’t always have to be directly connected! It just has to get their attention. Note: no one is inspired by a set of dumbbells. Really.

Call to Action

(1) One option, a waiting list for a program. I can nurture them before the program opens. (2) Second, a direct link to a program that is open. This is much more shot-in-the dark unless this is a low-ticket item or you’re targeting a specific audience you know is interested with an ad. You have to remember you may be there to sell but customers are there to connect with friends and family and get helpful tips. Make sure you connect before you ever just promote your stuff. You’ll never grow your social or bring them into your world where you can influence theirs and their life.

Help You Know What to Post?

There you have it… that’s how I create social media. All of that happens after I’ve done foundational homework about who I want to reach what they want and what’s true of them now. If you want support, and you’re ready to take a next step….

Two options:

Book a consultation about private business coaching Or Start the Flipping 50 Fitness Specialist if you work with women in midlife and beyond. From the Advanced Specialist option I will help you leverage your knowledge and uniqueness to grow your business.

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