5-Tip Health Coaches Marketing Formula for Quick Social Media Wins

This 5-tip list is NOT elaborate. It IS the health coaches marketing formula you can count on. It’s easier and it’s lighter. Months ago I shared this within our Flipping50 Menopause Fitness Specialist support group.

It’s still a bit of a struggle for coaches who don’t have: 

A clear message 

That solves a customer-identified problem 

That the customer is actively seeking an answer to 

Sometimes it just takes a flip of content. 

For instance… if no one knows they need magnesium… and you’re not a pharmacist or doctor, telling benefits of magnesium is generally not going to be a hugely popular post. 

If magnesium supports sleep, constipation, and 400 other enzyme actions in the body… like metabolism the better lead might be “How magnesium supports menopause issues.” 


How to sleep without medication.

How to poop without laxatives.

And how to boost metabolism without tons of exercise. 

So… while this 5-tip health coach marketing formula for social media will help … you have to get beyond #1 in order for them to work.  

#1 A perfectly crafted message that solves a problem your customer has 

  • Non-salesy 
  • What problem does it solve?
  • How high a priority is it for your dream customer? 

#2 Good sound and clear visuals 

Good sound is a must if you’re narrating. Closed caption is also important since most have sound off by default. 

A casual pic on your iphone is perfect for stories. It may not be on your post. 

Over produced Canva-obvious graphics that look like a business are not the solution, though. 

#3 Post about 2 maybe 3 Reels per week 

Posting more cannibalizes your own content. 

Make it much better, much less often. Share it again, react and respond to comments. 

#4 Short beats long 

When you can use content less than 15 seconds that gives tons of value. Make them want to play it over and over again. If they watch 100% of it, it helps you be seen. If they play it over and over or save it… even better. 

#5 Talk, Tag, and Text repeat the SEO 

If your text (copy in the post) is unique to the video or the images… you lost an opportunity. You want layers of talking in a video, or words on a video Plus the tags you use Plus the copy you use. Repeat 3x for gold. It’s not this in the post graphic and that in the post message. 


Flipping50® Menopause Fitness Specialist: https://www.flippingfifty.com/specialist

Health & Fitness Business Scorecard: https://www.fitnessmarketingmastery.com/scorecard

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