12 Content Ideas for Fitness & Health Coaches

Whether it’s email, blogs, or social media posts, the number of content ideas you need is endless. Before I go further, I will say that having a strategy around your content is crucial for it to be successful.

For social media posts? You don’t have to and don’t need original content in each of these places.

Your original content should live at your site. That’s where your content ideas are going to work for you most. The posts you do on social are the next step. If you’re a coach or trainer with longevity, substance, and here for the long haul, those here now gone tomorrow posts are not what you want to invest your time and energy in.

Spend time studying your customer. Know the experience you want them to have. Fifteen seconds on social is not the starting point. It’s the result of knowing what to say to bring them to the next step already waiting, complete, and logical based on what they think, feel, and do now.

But we all go dry or get distracted by life sometimes and it’s nice to have a vault to go to. So, I’m giving you one here. Create a place – maybe for you it’s a spreadsheet or Google doc where you and a team contribute with ideas. My hope is that these become the inspiration for a whole set of ideas for you.

Twelve Ways I Get Content Ideas

(and you can too!)

06:37 Listen to podcasts – outside of our industry and niche

            What kind of treatment did they give the content? Pay attention to that. Is there a point, a story, an example? What’s the rhythm and how did they organize it?

07:25 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

            What burns the most calories?

07:41 10 Questions You Wish They’d Ask (SAQs)

            How do I exercise to lose fat based on how I feel right now?

08:02 Use AMA Post Round Up

            Use the posts in Instagram, or create your own on any social media account.

08:47 Go Back to Old Blogs, Articles, podcasts, videos and create an “update” (or just get ideas)

What did you write about pre-pandemic that is still relevant or not at all relevant? That’s post-worthy! 

09:55 Go Big with a list of tips, reasons, sources

            These are usually lists. Things that support weight loss that aren’t exercise: sleep, drinking water, eating the right foods, etc.

            Compile your small lists into this big list (then link to it)

11:16 Go Deep with one of the big items

            Take one thing from that list and explain it in depth. When there are 5 or 10 or 20 things, give them one and go deep and explore it.

            e.g. Why drinking water is so important. List 10 things it does for you or the obstacle it is when you don’t. Those are two posts.

13:10 Use what’s already news and create a comment or reaction

            NYTimes articles are a great source of information. Recently Today compared nutrition status of white potato to sweet potatoes. What is your reaction to it? Set up alerts so you are first to know when new research is shared on your topic.

15:52 Create Top 10 lists or Listicles  

            Top 10 exercises for _________ (correcting a problem)

            Top 10 reasons ________ (you’re tired, you’re gaining fat)

The Ultimate FREEBIE Guide for Health & Fitness Pros

18:24 Create complimentary content necessary for making the fitness work

What else do they need in order for exercise to be most beneficial? Create content ideas about that. One content idea is sleep. Another is protein. Another is alkalinity.

18:52 Talk About an Elephant in the Room in your niche or our industry

The barrier to entry. Recently it’s been in the news that there’s a shortage of trainers and coaches in the fitness industry. What’s that mean to the quality of trainers and what do you think of it?

19:25 Round up interview of unique experts that you reach out to

Biggest post-pandemic problems for your niche, or the recommendations they give on a certain topic, e.g. bone density: supplements, foods to eat and to avoid.

In an upcoming episode, I’m going to talk about how to stay focused, organized, and follow through on these great ideas, because let’s face it… a lot of us are “quick starts” or we’re so analytical that we don’t go into action.

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