It’s Not Your Content That’s Killing You, But This Is… and You CAN Change It!

Articles, Blogs, Podcasts, Infographics, and Videos Don’t Matter Without This

You could spend your entire day creating content.

You’ll need to if you’re not. Or someone on your team will.

It’s the future of marketing.

Quality content that helps your target customer is THE way into their hearts.

Without ONE KEY THING…it won’t matter. Your reach will be too low to even get eyes or ears to your content. 

Your titles, headlines, and subject line have to be seductive, attractive and fit into some category that you can repeat.

It’s not random. Marketing anywhere today is a science.

If you want them to trust you, your content has to speak to them and the thing that motivates them… to OPEN first of all.

You can peak interest and curiosity. You can tell them exactly what they’ll get when they open. You can let them know that they will lose out if they don’t act now. You can suggest they might be making a mistake.

Those four types of subject lines, headlines, and titles are really the only four that you need to know about.

Then you need to get good at creating them.

Then you need to get good at tracking which ones get opened more.

You know this about your clients…what gets measured matters. If you let them jump on the scale daily… they’ll stop eating avocados and salmon in exchange for water packed tuna and spinach. If they count calories they’re doomed before they even begin. The 80’s called and wants it’s weight loss program back (because it hasn’t worked!)

So you too have to measure the right things. If you’re simply putting a checkmark on an email newsletter for the month…big missed opportunity!! You need to become an expert at writing juicy headlines and you need to be an even better tracker.

After a month of videos, emails, blog posts, you will have a little information about which types of titles get opened, shared (a big metric NOT even measured by most fitness pros: Here’s why – I hear “I’m just too busy” !! Too busy to market so you make more sales? Hello!!) Part of the reason you’re too busy is you’re spinning a lot of plates but you’re not using them to your advantage.

After three months of content creation (and a spreadsheet of titles, categories, opens, shares, comments) you have some data.

Don’t let another week of content creation just go “out there” without a rhyme and reason.

You’re tracking how many phone calls are made, how many appointments made, how many consultations were closed….. right?

Then THIS is the way you reach those people who are not yet customers, who are customers you want to take the next step, and who were customers who need to come back. 

Pull all the tools you have together and get them running in the same direction.

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