What do you need to say no to?

Just Say No

In order to say yes to the things that long term will matter most in business, family and life you’ll have to say “no” to some great opportunities.

It’s a fact.

There are a lot of shiny pennies and glorious paths to take. Your job is to determine the ones that fit your biggest mission. 

What boundaries have you set that can’t be crossed? For some it’s – no weekend appointments, no evening clients. Bath time and bedtime stories take precedence.

When you say “yes” to clients early and late and during your lunch…. because you’re flattered and momentarily feel bigger than life…they’ll likely be the client you dread because of what you’ve done.

You may need to say “no” to working with clients during your most productive and creative time of the day. For most people based on hormones and energy and focus that’s the first three or more hours of working. Yes, prime time for those before work clients, but they feed you today and creative programming and marketing can feed you forever.

If you have only today on your mind, tomorrow’s success can never come.

Can you take a risk? Leave your day-to-day tasks to build something bigger? Do you believe in what you’re doing that much?

What do you want to say “yes” to?

Family? Your own health and wellness activities? Creating a new program? Creating a coaching service? Marketing in a bigger way?

A step back and away is sometimes necessary to free up creative space, physical time, and allow you to earn more in the future. Position yourself with a “no.”

The secret? Create a mission statement. Elaborate on it. Even if it’s just you in your business. Determine when you want to work and how. Determine what you need most to stay fresh, recharged and engaged. Know what has to be done and know what doesn’t.

I need to work on creative projects, writing, planning and big visions early in my day. The first three hours are the most productive for content creation.

I have a publishing schedule I stick to and I work way ahead. If I feel I’m cornered and have a deadline I don’t create work that is as valuable, as branded uniquely, or that I feel as good about.

I take time in the middle of my day – up to 4-6 hours – and get away outdoors, for exercise, for lunch – and then return. It’s often on a bike that I have an idea from the morning’s content creation. I’m eager to return to the computer desk again.

I don’t attend every webinar I sign up for live, I watch it on my own schedule. I don’t answer emails all day. I respond late morning, late afternoon and sometimes that’s all. Your inbox should not make up your schedule.

Work of a solo entrepenuer is always there. If you work at home- and we all do today – there will always be work to do. Never forget that your “no” is as important as your “yes.”


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