3 Reasons Your Midlife Clients Cancel (and what to do about it)

3 Reasons Your Midlife Clients Cancel Clients cancel. That’s a fact. Chronic cancellations killing your schedule? Then you’re faced with do I charge or give grace? If she’s close to renewal [...]


The Productive Fitness Professional: How I Get More Done in Less Time

Get your5 Minute Fitness Blog Formularight in your inbox, so you’ll have it forever and be able to use it right away. First Name * Email * Get Your 5 Minute Blogging Formula The Productive [...]


Answer 3 Questions to Increase Your Personal Training Business

Now is the time to increase your personal training business.This time of year personal trainers get excited! In the Northern Hemisphere where I’ve lived for 54 years at least, when the weather [...]


Hire These 3 People for Your Fitness Business (Big or Small)

Hire these 3 people? What if you’re broke, just starting out, scared you won’t be able to pay them? I get it. But at some point you will be ready. When you first start your training [...]


Taking Risks | Personal Training Revenues

Taking risks are a part of every businesses growth. Fitness and personal training have never been bigger. But are you feeling the growth? Personal training revenues overall are experiencing huge [...]


Saying “No” Grows Your Fitness Business Faster

Do you protect yourself and your fitness business? Do you know the art? The art of saying no? Betty Rocker just declined an interview with me. Eloquently. I’ve met her in person a few times in [...]


Time to Grow Your Fitness Business

Find time to grow your fitness business = have more time There’s never been a better time to be in the fitness business. If you want to grow your fitness business, however, and create a real [...]


10 Rules for Personal Training Business Success

1. Know your personal training business customers better than anyone Your personal training business serves customers. You think you already know them. If you haven’t interviewed anyone [...]


It’s Not Your Content That’s Killing You, But This Is… and You CAN Change It!

Articles, Blogs, Podcasts, Infographics, and Videos Don’t Matter Without This You could spend your entire day creating content. You’ll need to if you’re not. Or someone on your [...]


Here’s How To Hire, Lead, and Fire or Promote With Less Stress

How To Make More Money and Keep Your Freedom, Time, and Energy? Hello, my name is Debra and I’m a recovering The Profit addict. True story. My short term addiction only started a week ago [...]

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