Fitness Career Options You Haven’t Considered

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Have you explored fitness career options outside of the usual personal trainer and fitness instructor culprits? Do you aspire to do something other than own or manage a fitness center? My guest today has some experience with unique fitness careers and he’s going to open some new doors for yours.

Barry Ennis is a 31-year old fitness professional from Los Angeles. For years he struggled with standing out from literally hundreds of other instructors just like him and letting his unique voice and message be heard. In such a competitive industry, he felt like he wasn’t able to have the impact that he knew he could have.

Berry hosts a podcast called Fitness Career Mastery where he interviews fitness professionals and gets them to share how they have worked through their struggles, how they’ve achieved incredible success, and how they use their voice to change people’s lives for the better.

That intro didn’t do justice for you ..let’s do a where-in-the world is Barry Ennis right now?  And what are you doing?

This episode  explores unique fitness career options to be sure you – listener aren’t missing something you were meant to do… but haven’t yet realized is even an option.

How many unique fitness career options are there ?

Find a problem that needs to be solved. Helping fitness professionals navigate through their career.

As opposed to produce content for the sake of producing content.

Quote of the day:

“Comparison kills joy.”

“Real artists don’t copy they steal.” ~ Barry Ennis  They’re inspired by something else but they turn it into their own.

How did you start? What was your first gig? Doing the consulting?

A second yoga teacher certification  led to moving to India to study yoga indepth and got a job from someone he met. Job in Dubai so many more opportunities emerge.

  • International fitness consulting
  • Fitness model on videos
  • Virtual personal training or nutrition consultation

QuestionsI asked Bart in this episode:

  • How did you find your way to where you are now?
  • What tips do you have for finding your niche?
  • What are some examples of unconventional careers in fitness?
  • Which niches may have a longer path?
  • Future predictions about fitness careers


  1. Questions to help discover your passion and best fitness career options
  2. Action step towards what you want to do (sending an email, doing some research)

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