The Simple Truth of Successful Personal Training Careers

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Simple skills build personal training careers. In an iconic fitness and health environment my guest has built her own career and launched the career of many others. She has seen and shares the simple habits that build sustainable personal training careers.

Erin Carson is co-owner and operator of RallySport in Boulder, Colorado since 1991 – present.  In addition to the leadership duties associated with running a successful training facility and health club, Erin runs ECFit Boulder, a strength program designed for those seeking to perform at their very best.  Her clients include world champions and olympians as well as everyday athletes seeking excellence.

Erin is the strength coach for many current and former world championship athletes including Mirinda Carfrae – 3x Ironman World Champion, Flora Duffy – 2x ITU World Champion, and Timothy O’Donnell – Long Course Triathlon World Champion – just to drop a few names.

Erin’s commitment to continuing education plus her proven track record of success with professional athletes has made her one of the most knowledgeable and accessible strength coaches in the world.

Questions I ask Erin in this episode:

  1. What are the most important qualities Erin is looking for when interviewing Personal Training Candidates?
  2. What are the key behaviors that dictate early success for a trainer?
  3. What are the biggest mistakes you see for trainers who truly struggle to make this profession work for them?

Three Key Take-Aways for the audience

  1. This truly is PRODUCT YOU!
  2. Who you are is just as important (if not MORE IMPORTANT) than what you know
  3. Pay attention and learn from the feedback coming your way.  Recognize that not all feedback is verbal.

The most successful personal training careers are not about accumulating degrees, and certifications. They’re not even about selling yourself. Erin reveals the importance of what has to both come before the education, and before sales, and is the sustaining part of the most prosperous and rewarding personal training careers.

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