Personal Training Job Skills So You Can Get Hired and Stay Full

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Personal training job skills, the kind that get you hired and keep you successful, are the focus on this episode with my guest, Tom Durkin, operating manager of Ames Racquet & Fitness Center and Fitness World locations in Iowa… in business for 39 inside 6 buildings every day and at least 5 staff meetings weekly with 350 employees shares ideal personal training job skills from the perspective of a business owner and operating manager.

As a personal trainer you’re going to be interviewed when you apply for a job unless you go into business for yourself. Even if you do take on the business world yourself, you will find the conversation I had with Tom Durkin who’s been interviewing, hiring, training, and firing fitness staff for 39 years valuable.

When you have the opportunity to take advice from someone who has consistently and successfully been in business for 39 years, do it. Tom and I discuss the personal training skills that have made trainers successfully create both a career and a life they love.

Listen to this episode for ways you can round out your academic education, and enhance your personal training skills so you are uniquely attractive to your employer and your clients. The real skill is learning how to say it, write it, and sell it.

What we cover on this episode:

The importance of personal training in business revenue generation:

#1 membership

#2 personal training

It’s all about helping people get better results. It’s why owners, investors, and managers are doing what they’re doing. Yet, a business, any business, has to make sound decisions and if you have the personal training skills that allow you to generate revenue and new customers, you’ll be both helping more people and irresistible to a business.

Tom shared the Personal training traits that make a trainer attractive when he’s interviewing:

  • Education
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Promotion

Key personal training job skills that will get you hired and keep you full:

  • Willingness to market yourself
  • Separate yourself from other trainers
  • Follow up

We discussed payment options and expectations in personal training past, present, and future:

Hourly vs. Commission

Books Tom recommended:

The Brand Called You 

Shoe Dog 

Resources mentioned:

Dave Smith’s interview- How to Get More Clients

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