How to Write the Best Bio, Avoid a Boring Bio, and Get Noticed

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Have you spent any time learning to write your best bio? Who has right? Who learned copywriting in college? Who got real life marketing support from their certification? Answer? No one.

Now is the time. Everyone is online and everyone is reading your bio… if it’s good. Otherwise they’re gone in 3 seconds.

Best Bio Reasons

A boring bio will not help you get noticed, get hired, or get profitable. You can stand out better on social and your website with something unusual. You also want to be doing interviews. Get booked in the media, and on podcasts and summits right now. [Need help? Comment and watch for a future training.]

You’re going to want to download the cheat sheet I created for this episode. If you’re creating a niche- serving women in midlife or some other niche – you want to be nailing that everywhere you are introducing yourself (website, social media, webinars) or you’re introduced (media appearances, podcasts, summits). You want to be the funny, credible, relatable trainer that stands out. So, go download that worksheet so you can do a few of these tricks for yourself.

Avoid a boring bio and start standing out as the unique fitness professional you are.

1) Read your current bio.

That includes anything you’d share with a podcast host, media producer, or in your “about” section of website or social media If anyone else could insert their name and it would work, you’re making people yawn. Are the people you really want to work with going to be impressed?

Are you remarkable? Is anyone talking about you? Do they remember you out of all the other trainer bios they read?

Be yourself, everyone else is taken.

2) Say a lot in fewer words. Pack adjectives in before your name.

Bestselling author, 8-time Ironman, golf mom, and Old English Sheepdog owner Debra Atkinson….

So, what do they know about me? I’ve got a little credibility, and I don’t have to lead with degrees and certification alphabet soup so actually I become more credible than someone who has education but hasn’t really been all that successful. Makes them wonder at least right?

I may gain a little respect among athletes, win moms over who’ve spent time dealing with bleacher butt, and pet owners think we’ve got something in common.

Keep it fun, too. I’ve done that here by not following the stuffy boring intro everyone is expecting.

3) Add an element of humor that makes them smile. Try the rule of threes.

She’s currently swimming in paperwork, riding the desk, and running Flipping 50 more often than training for triathlons and she’s here to share her new book… TEDx talk… program…

Keep it fun. (unless you’re not: but usually people want to have fun)

You can do that all the way through. I share my book titles with my audience because they tell a lot about my attitude about aging, and fitness for midlife women and make women smile.

She’s the author of six books including You Still Got It, Girl: The After 50 Fitness Formula for Women and; Hot, Not Bothered.

You don’t have to have books or funny titles though. Tell something funny about yourself. Again the goal is unexpected.

She’s a TEDx Speaker, a blender chef, and an average golfer.

Then you’d add for your host, Here’s Debra Atkinson.

Or… Please welcome TEDx speaker and hormone balancing fitness expert whose son still asks when she goes to the kitchen, “what’s better than burnt?” And the answer is not burnt… Debra Atkinson ….  

The point is to relay your credibility but yet let them know you’re far from perfect and poke fun at yourself. They want to know you’re just like them. If they can’t relate, not only are you on stage, but you’re on a pedestal and they think what you’re teaching won’t work for them.

4) Write 2 or 3 questions that an interviewer can read before he/she reads your bio.

They should be relevant to the topic you’re going to talk about.

I frequently speak about exercise interventions for menopause. So a few questions relevant to the topic and audience of women in midlife might be:

What if I told you everything you learned about exercise was a lie?

What if you could reduce hot flashes, night sweats, as well as belly fat and get rid of low libido by changing your exercise?

Then host’s next line is… ”Well, stay tuned because my guest is …”

The last thing most media and podcast hosts want is a long bio. “Send me your long bio” said no one ever. So, make it short and so fun they feel brilliant, witty, and can take the credit for it by reading it. When you make them look good you’ve set yourself up for success even before your interview starts.

That’s it. Take the pieces and put them all together.

I created a download! Click here

Want help? Download the worksheet for this episode and start having more fun.

Here’s the added secret about making your best bio by making it more fun. You start to think about yourself differently. You’re suddenly more unique, the only you there is, and that can change everything.

“Conversational is the new professional.”

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Get your Cheatsheet for How to Build a Better Bio for Personal Trainers and Coaches.
It will come to your inbox. You’ll have it forever, and you can use it right away!


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