2 Fitness Marketing Questions That Solve All Your Fitness Marketing Problems

What if I told you the fitness marketing questions you were asking in January are the same questions you should be asking now. Surprised?

There’s a chance you might not have been asking questions, and just assuming you knew the answers back then. You might even have gotten away with it. But you won’t anymore. Now is not the time to assume, pretend, or just plow through with the same message you’ve always had.

If you’re still persuading them based on the need for fat loss and overall health, you’re missing the boat. The biggest obstacle now isn’t time. It’s actually fear for many. How are you overcoming that?

For Example

In this example, I want you to think about your ideal customer and the problem you solve for them. If you’re still working with “everybody” and you can solve every problem, this really isn’t going to help you. If you already have identified your customer, your process or method, and you know what transformation you get them this is for you.

Say you’re offering a program to start in fall.

It’s a weight loss session for your ideal customer whose been at home, been on the couch, been in the pantry, been stressed and gained that quarantine 15.

The mistake? Talking about your program.

What? Then how do they find out about it? you might be thinking.

I get it. But you don’t for instance jump on to a Facebook live or write a blog post titled, “Here’s why you should join my program.” No one is going to be motivated to tune in to that! You have to talk about the topic of your program, the problem that it solves.

You want to talk about questions your audience is already asking about that problem.

That’s the gold so that you can connect to them.

So, at the very root of a successful program is the fact you always build a program based on what your audience is telling you they want. The two big questions:

  1. Are you asking?
  2. Are you listening?

It’s really that simple. There’s no trying to figure it out or detective work. You ask. You listen. You build it. Then when you start talking about the problem, you understand it. When you start talking about the fact there is a solution you give them quick wins. When you tell them there is a more permanent easy solution, you reveal you have a program that would be perfect.

Start with Better Fitness Marketing Questions

The question isn’t, what’s your special going to be next month. If your marketing planning has been to list the discount you’re doing every month through the end of the year, it’s time to launch fitness marketing 2.0.

Have you surveyed lately? Why not let them tell you? Ask the simple question, what do you want right now? What do you need? How has your fitness changed since COVID began? If you could wave a magic wand what would you like to change about your fitness in 2 months?

Instead, what’s often so true of fitness professionals is the temptation to jump in to why your program is perfect and it’s the perfect time to lose the quarantine 15. Then you tell them everything they get, how many sessions, how many weeks, how much nutrition information, how many handouts. And you tell them the price.

Just features.

How to Find Better Fitness Customers

What you need is to have someone searching for answers find you. Or have a blog or video you create or the live you did feel like you read their mind! And here’s how you can do that. That is a warm lead.

Use a tool called Answerthepublic.com

You have a limited number of free searches daily. (based on IP address) So don’t mess around. Play with words first and then enter them. Narrow things down. By now if you’re listening to this podcast you know that weight loss is way too broad a topic. Ask as if you were the target market you want to attract. A weight loss program for a 60-year old woman is going to be different than for a post-natal mama or a 20 something bride, right? So, ask … how to lose weight before my wedding… how to lose weight after 60.

You type in terms and the search site basically spits out all the questions people are searching for about that topic.

The terms you type in might be wedding planning or after 60 instead of weight loss. Just an idea.

If you’re going to attract people who’ve gained weight to use our original example, you have to meet them where they are now. What do they think right now? What are they searching for online?

Better Fitness Marketing Questions

So, again you might think weight loss, but that is such a big topic, as you can imagine. COVID weight or quarantine 15 might be other terms to play with.

You’ll come up with a list of questions that you can use to tease a live Facebook session, a webinar, or a blog or podcast even before you release it. You may find others start adding questions too. Essentially, they’re telling you what they want and will be more likely to buy if you address them.

Say you identify 6 steps for losing weight in COVID. Whether you do a live video, or you blog.

Give them quick wins and answers to one or two of those things IN DEPTH, don’t hold back. For respect of their time you keep it to an hour or a short post and let them know that. Then let them know that the other 5 parts are equally important and you go into them in your program.

We can’t stand incomplete loops or missing pieces when it’s something we really care about. So that’s the time to link to your program. Need more support? You might like this.

How Many Questions Do You Need?

You can come up with 8-10 questions you’ll answer in a webinar or blog. If I’m launching a program I will use relative questions as prompts for short podcasts leading up to the program. And in every episode I insert the program as the sponsor of that episode. I’m growing my list no matter when someone hears it because if the program isn’t open, there’s a notification list so they’ll be first to know when it is open.


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