Never Have to Say Customer Support Sucks Again

Whether it’s a Yelp review or it’s your own observation, every business can experience that moment when customer support sucks. Here’s 3 reasons it does and what to do about it.

#1 Cause of Customer Support Sucks | There’s no “delight” factor

  • Do you ever surprise them? In fact, do you surprise them as soon as they buy?
  • Do you surprise them for no special reason?

Sending little gifts – even as small as a pdf, or a video – that is unexpected can change the relationship you have with your customers.

Is there something fun that happens on the phone, when they log in, when they get an email, or stop in your front door?

If you’ve got a receptionist or a front desk staffer who seems to suck the life out of you, it’s probably happening for members too. Often someone who needs attention themselves may want to have a front desk position. Be sure you recognize someone who wants to be the center of attention from someone who wants to make a customer feel like the center of attention.

Authentically Own Your Mistakes

Every business has technical issues or a customer who isn’t as comfortable navigating online whether it’s Facebook groups and pages or a webinar or your member’s area. So do I. When I have someone who is upset, whether they want to cancel or whatever, and I can I personally either

  • Call them
  • Send a video text

And they’re so surprised. No one does that anymore. If they see you on social media or YouTube videos, you are a sort of celebrity to them. Just taking the time to let them know you’re sorry they had a poor experience, admitting it was a problem you too were frustrated with if that’s appropriate, and letting them know what you can do, is often enough to turn someone who wanted to cancel into someone who is grateful for your support.

It’s not easy. You and I can take it so very personally. But if your customer support sucks, even for a minute and it wasn’t your fault, own it.

#2 Cause of Customer Support Sucks | My Pleasure vs No Worries

Did you know when you say “no problem” or “no worries” you actually tell a customer they were a pain in the ass? The brain doesn’t process “no” or “don’t” – those negatives.

Instead, relay that:

  • It was an absolute pleasure to serve you.
  • Of course, I am here to serve you.
  • I was happy to do that.
  • I am glad to make it easy and smooth for you!
  • Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you.

It matters! To the customer and to your customer service staff. If they can’t say it, or feel uncomfortable saying it, they likely aren’t your source of customer delight.

I’ve said it and you’ve said it, though, right? No worries! Hanging out with your friends and family maybe it’s okay. But this small thing is a big think in terms of the psychological impact of words on your customers. Remember your role. You are only there to serve them. Let that shine through that this is what brings you joy… making their day.

You can go from customer service sucks reviews to raving fans. 

#3 Cause of Customer Support Sucks | Instead of Over and Over, Fix It Once

They’re fixing things with a one-off that should be fixed at the root of the problem

I had a customer support staff member quit abruptly. After an f-bomb and then followed by a “have fun in the support box” wish. During the middle of COVID19.

Best thing that has happened to my business for 14 months (since he started). Only, I didn’t know it at the time. I thought he was doing okay. Customers did like his ability to help quickly. However, unbeknownst to me – and that is 110% my fault – he was creating more problems than he was solving.

What Problem Solving Ability Does Your Support Have?

Because he was just fixing same problems over and over and assuming that was his job, he never pointed out that he was repeatedly having to do the same – literally – task for specific programs.

Like training clients, you don’t want to give them a stretch to relieve low back pain. You want to find out why they’re experiencing low back pain. I needed to know this kept coming up over and over so we could have identified months ago that more people than were every asking customer support for help were coming to the site and going away unhappy. 

Keep Training Even After You Hire 

He could only do what he was capable of doing. He could follow instructions, but he couldn’t see the bigger picture. The system of having him track frequently asked questions wasn’t detailed enough to give me insight on the isolated problems we could easily have fixed.

Then I, in effort to pick up the slack was in my own support box for about 2 weeks. It was eye-opening and again, worst and best thing that could have happened. We’ve fixed and automated so much in the last two months we’re increasing traffic, increasing leads, and increasing revenue at a dramatically greater pace.

How do you set this up?

First in hiring staff members you’ve got to take them through some problem-solving questions. Literally, give them some scenarios that happen in your business. How would they proceed to solve those, what would they look for, how would they document, and how would they language the customer?

If your customer support sucks, whether you ARE your customer support or there’s someone else handling it, like me, you’re responsible.

  • Test it. Optin to your own funnels.
  • Send secret spies into your business and have them call your business during regular and off hours.
  • Get reports about the experience.
  • Take a look at the consistency of different staff members and different time of day.

Imagine how inconvenient it is for someone to stop in during evening or weekend hours when they want to use your services and find no one can help them with gaining access. Does that happen in your business on or offline?

How can you prevent it from happening?

Do They Think You’re Always Open?

There’s a rock and hard place with online business. You promise 24/7 solutions and access. But if your customer is in her tights and wants to workout and can’t access her account at 7am Saturday morning you better have some automation or someone to help. Customer support sucks if a customer can’t get help to use your product or service when they want to.

Going from “customer support sucks” to raving fans isn’t easy. Best and worst thing about our jobs is working with people – and technology – and people who are very opinionated about technology.

You can do this if you remember why they’re upset and take control of the things you can.

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