How to Write Your Best Fitness Blogs Faster

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How to Write Your Best Fitness Blogs Faster

How would you like your best fitness blogs for the next 6 months done? Most fitness pros agree they don’t have time to create content. They also say, they can’t have just anyone create blogs for them, because no one knows your customers like they do. I would agree with that 110%. But let’s be serious. A great blog post – even if you like to write and enjoy it – could easily take 4 hours. Right? Between research, citations, outline, developing thoughts, editing, and adding images, there’s a lot. That’s before key word research, crafting a killer title, and creating a pretty link plus creating social media pieces to promote it. Okay, you get the idea. Getting to your best fitness blogs faster is almost an impossible promise. Or is it? I’m going to tackle that in the next few minutes. By the way, there are two essentially, cheat sheets that go with this episode. The 5 Minute Blog Formula and the one other… I’ll unveil in just a minute that you’re going to want to listen and fill out after you’ve listened. I know that everything is electronic today but if you’re really trying to connect with your customer, putting a pen on paper and writing is the best way to do it. So go old school and print those out. Okay, so there you have it, you’re going to want to go get the cheat sheet I’ve given you for this episode. Then you’ll want the 5-Minute Blog Formula is you don’t already have it.

Before Your Best Fitness Blogs

There’s even more to it though. You want your promotions calendar done so you know what you should be talking about. That will ensure you’re seeding the desire for your programs. I’m going to operate on the belief you have your monthly promotions done for this post’s sake. You know what programs are launching every month all year. I’m imagining that right now you know for the next six months what programs you’re going to be starting. The 4-8 weeks prior to a program start is your launch period. Psst! If you don’t know what you’re promoting each month, stop. Do it first. If you need help doing that, I can help.

Effective Launches Feature Your Best Fitness Blogs

During that launch period you would be using blogs specifically tied to the problem your program solves. It’s how your best students and clients will find you. They’re already looking for answers. You want to have content they love/are grateful for just prior to opening your cart for registration. If your programs are always available to purchase, inevitably you still have times when you offer a special or you have a theme to the training. [Don’t get lost in language of “open cart.” If that’s a new term we can talk about it.] [FLIP: rethink having your services always available. There are a lot of good reasons why you want to limit availability. I won’t go into that now but if you want to talk about how to do this and explore coaching on restructuring your offers to make them more effective, set up a consult to decide the best way I can help.]

Be Afraid of General Information

Think about the way you search for information. You get very specific so you get the right answer from Google. Your customer does too. You may think that if you talk to one customer you’ll alienate the rest. More accurately, if you speak to “everyone” you will alienate everyone. If you go pick out a book at Amazon for instance, do you just type in “books”? Of course you don’t. You either have a specific title or author you’re looking for or a specific topic, right? No one searches for “fitness.” You would search for “exercise after 50” or “exercise for weight loss,” or “time-effective workouts.” Would those potentially apply to a lot of people? Yes. So you want to go deeper. What a 65-year old woman should do in a 15-20 minute workout is going to be different than what a 25-year old male should do. Whether a 65-year old woman’s goal is to move without arthritis pain or her goal is a better 10k time she’ll be drawn to a different post and program, right? So specific is VERY important for your success.  The more information is easily available to consumers the more you should be the one they find when they are searching for how to lose weight after their third baby or how to boost testosterone for a better libido after 50. That’s what they’re looking for (and can find) online.

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Get your 6 SHORT STEPS to a Year of Fitness Promotions
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