When Monday Sucks and You’re a Personal Trainer

When Monday Sucks and You’re a Personal Trainer

If you’re a personal trainer and Monday sucks, you’re in trouble. Monday is notoriously the biggest day of the week. You know, “never miss a Monday.” The struggle over the weekend is real and Monday is redemption day.

So if that’s you, and you’re either too busy to love life right now… or you’re not full yet and Monday marks another week when you feel like you’re going to have to get a better paying job if something doesn’t change.

Then there’s a niche you need to consider.

This niche is TEDx talk worthy

Personal training is not news. But working with women in midlife and beyond is. So much that I landed a TEDx talk in two days after an hour of sending applications.

That’s like 98% faster than most TED applicants land a talk.

That means people care. Everyone cares about the way women age. The fact that 6000 women a day enter menopause is kind of a big deal.

What You Don’t Know Could Be Gold

I know we all talk about aging and working with older adults. You’re a personal trainer, that’s not news.

Did you know?

Estrogen directly influences muscles and bone?

Estrogen influences mitochondria?

Cortisol is worsened by the means that most trainers and women use to lose the belly fat that they gain when estrogen levels drop?

Then instead of gaining a client who loves you and is loyal for decades you lose a woman who then goes on a rotational diet of program after program including bootcamp and barre classes and hot yoga and running just so she can lose the fat.

But most likely the only person she’ll keep in business is a physical therapist.

And it doesn’t have to happen that way.

If there are 50 persona trainers in your immediate proximity and only 1 is a hormone balancing expert who can articulate what is happening for her and how the right exercise type and timing will help… who is she going to invest in?

And right now, those are about the odds. There are a lot of trainers and every one of them will say, “yes” when she asks the basic question every woman asks, “have you worked with someone like me?”

And the answer isn’t a lie, except that she’s asking whether they’ve worked with a woman in hormone chaos AND KNOW WHAT TO DO … and the trainer is just responding yes, to working with midlife women…

… and since about 80% of personal training clients are females between 40-60 the trainer is not really lying.

The Problem

But there is a major gap.

Because sure as trainers count reps, the trainer will attempt to get the fastest method of fat burning going so he or she can win over the client and be a hero.

By the time that backfires, the woman will be through with that first small package and either quit because she’s tired or hurt. Or she’ll be the one asking to speak to the manager for a refund.

That’s what happens.

I know because for the last 7 years, those women end up finding me and sharing the stories they have about their experiences and the mistakes they were making with exercise that their trainer didn’t even know were wrong.

The Answer

The Flipping 50 Specialist is designed to help you gain the hormone balancing exercise prescription knowledge to work with women and get them changes they want.

You have the option of learning how to attract and how to start your women’s training/coaching business quickly.

Click here for more details.

The TEDx talk, by the way, is in November. It’s coming fast. The YouTube video won’t be up for up to a few months after that. I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, don’t wait. Because more and more trainers are getting into this niche. And it’s better to be first than best some say. I say it’s better to be first and best.

You’re a personal trainer. You could be a personal trainer who is always full and able to raise rates because you’ve got a wait list. Or maybe instead you’ll choose groups or online training to give you freedom and flexible time back.

If you’re wondering, how do I market to her? learn more here.

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