The Productive Fitness Professional: How I Get More Done in Less Time

The Productive Fitness Professional:

Get More Done in Less Time

What’s the secret every productive fitness professional knows that you need to know?

Batch everything.

I love the variety of my job! I love seeing a client or having a coaching call, then writing a blog. Then I can respond to my team about customer service or content they need from me. I plan new products, analyze surveys and all of it might happen in an hour! Yes, I’m a bouncer.

A recovering bouncer. I’m leaving 9 of those 10 tabs closed. I’m filing the 8 word documents sitting in my dock. I’m only opening Chrome OR Safari. I’m focused on the client 100% and not doing something else at the same time.

But I have withdrawals sometimes. So I get it. It takes focus to really focus! So this post does not come without primary research. I’m applying everything I added here.

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How to Rehab From Mulitasking

Create a list of content. Write a series of posts or record a dozen podcasts. You’ll see more lift in your call-to-action all the way through your funnel. You’re creating a fluid journey for a visitor instead of creating random content. When you block out a half day to do the actual writing or recording you can leave it alone for a long time and still have your marketing bases covered. Read on for the details.

Never Take an Hour to Create a Single Blog Again!!

In fact get my 5-minute blog formula and create posts in much less time). Create several posts at once. They should compliment each other just like any good workout compliments the one before it and sets you up for the next.

Seriously, I have friends who don’t even write their own blogs any more. They plan content calendars. They rough draft and create bullets. Then someone does the research for the references and writes it. They just polish it. A good blog can take 4 hours. If you’re creating cornerstone posts you may want to write a few. Then let your style guide and your blog work tell an assistant how to do it. I personally like writing so I tend to write all my own content.

No matter how you get them written, here’s how to step-by-step make it more efficient and effective. Product fitness professionals don’t bounce, they focus in blocks of time on a batch of similar work.

Productive Fitness Professional Steps to Anything

1) Create a list of your current needs

  • The list should relate to program launches, seasonal promotions.
  • It might also be based on recent research, a specific formula you follow for sharing research or recipes etc.

2) Create a list of research/references/quotes you need to support your content

3) Sit down and write a series of posts all at once.

You must have 300 words for it to matter to Search Engine Optimization. Additionally, you might want a few cornerstone pieces of long content that are nearer to 3000 words.

4) Pull the images for your posts all at one time.

5) Post the blog entries to your website once you’re armed with the content, the resources, and the images. Add internal and external links to each post as you go.

Keep track of the links and release dates so you can share to your social media sites on first release and then link to your future evergreen program launches.

Repurpose and Layer Your Content

Use that blog for a video. It might already be a script or require slight modification for a script.

Ask questions about every piece of content you create:

  • Can you talk through a lesson on YouTube?
  • Could you add video demonstration on the blog?
  • Can you create a podcast from this content?

Do the Same With All Types of Content

Whether you blog, create video/ vlogs or do it all those one-offs are fine for an idea on the fly but you will see a major difference in your business when you create (and stick to a publishing calendar) that is not just random topics but has a rhyme and reason connected to what it is you’re promoting. Even if you’re not promoting yet you must create content.

Maybe you want to sell something and know you will sell something but you’re doing research about what your audience most wants and specifically, wants from you. Start posting content.

Productive Fitness Professional #1 Secret

Just start. It’s the step you must take in order to then begin collecting emails so you can really communicate with your audience.

Don’t overthink it. Don’t get constipated about getting it perfect. You’ll make mistakes. A Productive fitness professional knows that mistakes made moving forward are more valuable that sitting still and not taking action. You learn more from doing. You get feedback. You tweak and do it better.

Too many things to do and too little time? Follow these steps. Hold yourself (or get someone to) accountable. It will make a difference in the freedom you want to feel.

Helpful? Where do you struggle most with getting things done in your business?

Get your 5 Minute Fitness Blog Formula right in your inbox, so you’ll have it forever and be able to use it right away.

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