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Not Getting Social Media Traction?

So you’re posting regularly you’re using Instagram, maybe Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, all the things, but results are dismal. Nobody is really liking, nobody’s really commenting and nobody’s really sharing and if you’re on Instagram, we’re going to talk a little bit more about Instagram specifically, Nobody’s saving, which is like the gold standard. So, here’s why, and what you can do about it.

So literally what I want to share with you is what I’ve been watching and observing in certain exercise professionals: trainers, bodybuilders and health coaches on Instagram. I’m watching their accounts, and what I’ve seen is great post great content, they’re beautiful images, and nothing.

There’s really very little interaction, engagement, and there’s a low number of people actually even liking it. So that’s kind of level one.

  • They give you a comment. That’s level two.
  • And they share it you’ve made it to level three.
  • They save it, level four when you’re on Instagram.

We’re not seeing that happen in a lot of accounts that I’m watching.

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How to Get Social Media Traction

Today we’re talking about hashtags. Your hashtag strategy has to be very, very specific to the post, not to generically what you’re trying to read.

The algorithm on Instagram is getting smarter and smarter, and what’s happening is it’s looking at your posts, the images and or the videos that you’re posting, and it’s also looking at the copy the text that you’re posting, and then the hashtags that you use. If they’re different. ..They don’t even apply to what it is that you wrote in your message? The algorithm and Instagram is confused. It’s not going to help you get discovered.

Get It Right

So if you’re creating great content the images and or great videos, you want to make sure that everything there is congruent, the pictures the videos, the infographics that you’re creating, together with the copy that you’re creating, and the hashtags, most importantly. Those latter two, so you can put a beautiful image that catches somebody’s eye and then makes them come in, look, and your text and your copy may not actually be completely representative, just because you’re talking about eating correctly, choosing, you know what you’re eating and using the discipline and the knowledge that you need.


You may not show somebody sitting down to a plate of food you may not show food at all, but it may be an image, expressing this is how you’re going to feel, you know like someone on vacation or on the beach, arm spread out up to the world full of energy, that kind of imagery is still appropriate, and probably a better idea than just one of food, but when you go to your hashtags…they have to be congruent.

You want to make sure that if you’re posting something about getting started with exercise and beginning personal training and what that personal training experience should be like for someone.


If you’re posting hashtags that are unrelated to the text that you added,

The algorithm is confused, is not going to help you any get discovered.

And here’s a secondary thing that I’ve just learned from my Instagram guru and I’m going to share this insider tip with you. [And if you want more information and how you actually take the course that I took and get access to this a woman who is sharing so much great content and updating us all about what we need to be doing, DM me in Instagram or email us at debra@fitnessmarketingmastery.]


Multiple Images for Social Media Traction

It’s important that you realize that if you add an ability to scroll so multiple images and pictures. If you add that, that scrolling with hashtags… and

scrolling is helpful because it keeps people on your timeline for a little bit longer, it will boost the engagement of the people who are already following you.

However, what’s new now is that those hashtags that you’re using won’t help you get discovered by new people on a multiple carousel multiple image carousel well they’re where they scroll.

So realize that you want to have different kinds of posts, and sometimes you’re going to want to have just one video, or one image, not scrollable.

ONE IMAGE or VIDEO for Social Media Traction

That’s when you really want to do your homework on your hashtags, and when I say homework, you’ve got to look them up and look up, you know, to find out. Are you really going to be found using those hashtags.

So if you use “#fitness” for instance, unless you are like me, Arnold Schwarzenegger that everybody recognizes, or that Jillian Michaels, who is going to be known for fitness, you know, lesser known people potentially like you and I today are not going to get so much traction, if we use that because it’s got millions and millions of hits.

So you want to go deeper and say #fitnessforwomen #over50 You want to look at hashtags that illustrate that and see how many searches, and how many hits of that are there and make sure that you’re doing a range that is reasonable.

Hashtag research for Social Media Traction

You want to have a wide variety of ranges, some smaller some medium size and some bigger in every post that you do but very related to what you’re posting about. So let’s go back to my example. So you’re talking about the personal training experience what it’s really supposed to be like, how it takes the guesswork out of what you’re doing, how it is about strength training it is about cardio, it is about stretching, but it’s about it for you, and no one else but you. It is very individual, and it is not just a group program that appeals, or is targeted at really no one in particular thing that’s what you’re talking about that’s your soapbox, then use your hashtags.

Wise Hashtags

You want to make sure that you have, say, #FitnessAfter40

You want to make sure that you have women’s fitness, and that’s a big one, by the way, but #womenshealth, a smaller one, #womenswellness is smaller one.

So think about doing your research on post like that. But if you simply put happy, or you put something like versus active aging. If you appeal to an older population that’s going to be a good idea, but if you’re doing that you wouldn’t want to put in the same hashtag set, you know, fitness after 20 or fitness at 20 Right, because those are conflicting, you’ve got to be in that same spirit that same audience would be attracted to any and all of those hashtags, and maybe using them to search for solutions.

So if you’re talking about your virtual training, you might put #onlinetrainer #onlinehealthcoach, #onlinewellnesscoach

For Local Business

For social media traction within a geographical location use geo tags and hasthtags. #bouldertrainer #scottsdalecoach #iowafitness

If it’s used just 500 or fewer times, I always skip it. But if it’s used 1000 times 10,000 times 5000 times. Take a range of those types of hashtags, that’s actually going to help you.

Make sure it’s related to the exact content that you’re sharing.

It can’t be a reach. It really needs to be are these words that you’ve used so if you’ve ever used keyword kinds of research in say posting your YouTube videos. It applies here to the keywords that appear:

  • in your title
  • in your description
  • your tags
  • Long tail phrases are better than single words.

Do Your Homework

Think about what we’re women search for when they’re looking for core exercise, they’re probably going to put something like core exercise for women after 50 So think about, literally, if you were her, and you need to know her that well, better than anybody else, when she’s alone, frustrated left to her own devices.

What specifically is she typing into Dr. Google, so that you will come up your title, your description your tags, and similarly on Instagram, your copy in the post your selected hashtags, and potentially the image, but more so if that’s an infographic.

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