How to Get Twice as Much Done in Half the Time

How would you like to get twice as much done every day? In half as much time as it normally takes. Well, listen, I’m not going to talk about Tim Ferris’ 4-Hour Week. I think we can all work 4 hours a week if we want to. We just might be broke doing it. Most of the wealthy – and healthy – entrepreneurs I know (in the medical, health, and wellness fields) work considerable hours.

Is this you?

They do the things others aren’t willing to without complaining about it. They’re choosing to serve their chosen customers. They have goals. And they commit to reaching them. Not because it’s easy or effortless.

There’s another catch. They do the most important things first. They have taken the time to determine what those priorities are.

If you struggle with that, the most important steps for building your business, I’ll add a link in show notes for you. If you serve midlife women, you want to serve them optimally, and stand out in a crowded marketplace vying for the attention of women over 50, this is for you. There is a masterclass you want to attend as early in 2021 as you’re hearing this. It’s becoming more and more urgent that you get ahead of the crowd.

More Than Playboy or Playgirl Lifestyle

So, I hope you get already that this episode isn’t suggesting that you can work half days and then go golfing or skip the communicating with your audience the rest of the day. It’s not like that. But if you’re here so that you can accelerate your progress and yes, take the occasional vacation, or work less when you take work with you, then stick around.

The last plug on the productivity tips coming up in this episode is this: you’ll have fewer errors and regret your work less when you learn to work in a way that serves you. When you can get twice as much done you can either make twice as much progress, or have more time for family.

I’ve got questions for you. Think of it as a quiz. The real evaluation of the quiz is not in the right answers. It’s in the quickness that you can answer the question.

Do you know the answer to these questions?

  • When do you have the best focus?
  • How are you inspired?
  • What boosts your creativity?
  • What time of day is the best for your concentration?
  • Is there a best time for meetings, sessions, and learning?
  • What’s the absolute worst time for pushing to finish a project?
  • What time of day do you make the most errors?

Do You Know Your Personal Path to Get Twice as Much Done?

I hated the typical workday schedule in private business and universities. I always felt like I was working all day, but I wasn’t getting anything done.

I was following my intuition before I ever knew I was following my intuition.

In high school, I got up early, (somehow, I was still always late for school) but I got up early! That’s when I would work on the school yearbook or other projects. In college I continued getting up early. Irritatingly early, for half a dozen roommates in small dorm rooms, I’m sure.

It’s Not Just the Workplace

There are no interruptions at 5am. Or few. Very few. Until there was. In 1995 I was introduced to my first real interruption. That first morning after we brought our son home from the hospital, I had a rude awakening. He was not going to be sleeping in for me. Quiet time evaporated for a while. Yes, totally worth it, but it made me realize how much that time was sacred for my productivity (and sanity).

A couple years later when I began working for a university and a gym both. When I had to be at morning staff meetings or taught 8am classes that came after handling kiddos, puppies, and workouts, I would get up even earlier so that I didn’t miss my productivity. I’d work for a couple hours, then workout, then get the flow of “get ready” and finally show up to be “at work.”

When I was training for Ironman distance triathlons, it didn’t matter if I needed to run 9 miles before my son had an early tee time, I’d get up a couple hours even before that in order to work first. (So early that for night owls, you might have been coming home when I was getting up!)

Like Willpower, Daily Productivity is Limited

Because I knew if I didn’t, I’d lose the productivity. That time can’t just be shifted somewhere else in your schedule. The work you put out if you’re not working on your personal schedule will probably be crap. After a day I just described hauling my son to golf tournaments, I could answer emails and phone calls, but I could not write, create programs, or edit content.

What About Your Morning Workout?

I used to be a morning workout person. Now I will if I can, but I can workout later and I can’t get the focus and concentration later, so it always wins. If I’m at a conference and know I want to get a workout in before it starts in the morning, I rise and work, then workout, then start the day.

You need to know you.

What’s the biggest killer of productivity? A Monday morning staff meeting.

What’s the second biggest killer of productivity? A staff meeting any other morning.

What’s the other productivity killer? Interruptions and distractions. Just like you don’t want to have an open door with people walking by or stopping in, you don’t want to have 14 tabs open or your phone beside you vibrating and buzzing.

Ask for specific thought-requiring tasks or set them for yourself to be done in the morning.

More Secrets to Get Twice as Much Done

Collectively? Are there common denominators? Based on hormones yes. Cortisol is higher in the morning – if it’s at optimal levels – it feeds your focus, concentration and productivity.

Suggestion: Create an unspoken rule in your business that those first couple hours in the morning should be as uninterrupted as possible for your admins and copywriters, and marketing staff or managers working on programming and scheduling.

Move meetings to the afternoons!!

When you block that productive time you want to be sure you are inspired and have ideas that you can implement. How do you keep the creativity flowing?

Ideas for Ways to Boost Your Creativity

  • Read Industry articles
  • Spend an hour doing a science dive
  • Let it marinate while you exercise
  • Keep notes or voice messages for yourself
  • Listen to podcasts (like this one??)
  • Take a continuing education course (Flipping 50 Fitness Specialist)
  • Read consumer magazines
  • Poll your audience
  • Read books you love
  • Get a massage or a facial

You get twice as much done in ways I don’t

The way you boost creativity to get twice as much done in half the time is different than the way I do. The books you choose will be different. You may choose to listen instead of read. The exercise you do may be different and you may find you are more creative in a group with people around unlike me who has to have some uninterrupted quiet time (and a mug or two of matcha) to be in my zone of productivity.

Above all, be sure the things you’re getting done, matter. There’s a lot of busywork out there that can make you temporarily feel good. You can fool yourself into thinking you’re working hard. But if it’s only helping you fill your hour up and not amplifying your revenue and the way you scale it, it’s not what you want to be getting better at.

Sometimes, saying no to opportunities means you can say yes, to productivity and profit.

get twice as much done


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