Better Email Marketing: Love Letters To Your Customers

The best way to immediate sales is better email marketing. Social media is a way to be in front of strangers. Who then should come to your subscriber list because you’ve earned their trust and you have something they want.

Listen, you don’t have a relationship with people who randomly see an ad. If you don’t have a significant engagement on social media, posting about something you’re selling there, will HURT you. 

 Look at where you were on social six months ago. How’s your engagement today compare – the number of comments and likes, saves on Instagram for instance, the number of subscribers and length of watch time on YouTube? Has it increased? Not by much? Then what you’re doing isn’t working. So, there are plenty of posts and podcasts for you here at but for now, let’s define better email marketing and get better email marketing results! 

 Because with every email you send, you can make a sale. 

 But let’s be real:

It only works if you nurture with content that your subscribers value 

You’ve got to take the time to craft effective emails

You need persuasive writing, not your English lit idea of writing

Passing this task off to someone else will backfire

 To make this really easy, think back to any love letters you ever wrote or received, and if that’s a void black hole, look up some historical love letters (often they’re poems). 


Try these prompts: 

  •     What I love about you
  •     What I love about us
  •     A memory that your reader will resonate with 
  •     A special message you two share 



Think: “ditto” from Ghost. For me, it was “me to you.” It was a sentiment that meant “I love you too.” Before I ever said those three little words, I drew it on his leg with my finger during a movie. 

(And hey, I share all of the details INSIDE the podcast, so for examples, be sure you listen!) 

 Look, better email marketing may never have been a blip on the radar when you said, I want to be a personal trainer or a health coach. But it’s the best way to help those seeking you the fastest. 


If you’re online and using social media to serve women virtually or locally, they are all receiving and reading emails daily. 


Are they reading one from you? Nurture them, talk to them, and you’ll find your relationship rewarding you with more ideal customers. 


I hope this got your wheels turning with great ideas. Please lmk. You know, when we say that in emails or podcasts, we really mean it right? I definitely want to hear from you. 



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