Email Marketing for Fitness Business Success

Dan Ritchie said he wished he’d know email marketing was a big part of personal training success. Are you using email marketing correctly? Is it at least a third of your business?

I asked Dan, the question I most often hear: There’s a fear that if you send an email people will unsubscribe, what do you say to that?

If your email marketing skills need polishing, if you hate it, if you want to love it and reap the rewards from it, you’ll love this interview with Dan Ritchie.

Dan’s a fitness professional and an educator at heart. If he can embrace the power of email marketing to help his business of helping people grow so can you.

Email marketing strategies using resources like AWeber, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Office Autopilot, and Infusionsoft are becoming the norm. Once you have them though the real work begins. What will the customer journey be? Which emails will you automate and what will go out from you in updates and broadcasts?

When you start exploring email marketing there’s a lot to consider and Dan and I did.

Questions we answer in this episode with Dan Ritchie:

  • How often do you mail your list? What do you recommend?
  • What is segmenting an email list
  • How to segment a list
  • Has deliverability and open rate changed?
  • How to send hundreds of emails a day without any effort
  • Email services for beginning and growing into
  • What’s a good “first” email platform you recommend for trainers? and why?
  • Subject lines that suck vs. get your email opened
  • The book Dan recommends
  • How easy is it to make money online

Book Dan mentioned:

The Hour a Day Entrepreneur by Henry J. Evans

Connect with Dan: for a Free Starter Kit

Did you miss the round up episode introducing all seven speakers in this series (Dan is #1 of 7) Listen here.

Let us hear from you! Is email marketing something you’ve avoided or thought you didn’t need? Is it something you’re paying more attention to in 2018?

Does it help to hear that a higher range of email frequency achieves  greater success in passive sales?

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