How to Pivot Your Fitness Brand Right Now with Natalie Jill

Messages from 2019 won’t work as well as a 2022-driven message for your fitness brand right now. You don’t want to miss this episode with Fitness Celebrity Natalie Jill, who’s built a following of over 3 million on social media in the last 15 years. 

You’ll hear how she’s not just chosen, but been forced to pivot, and her fitness brand right now is continuing to grow because of it. In this episode, I asked her what she would do if she was in your shoes, and what her biggest mistakes along the way were so that you can learn and grow from the insight. 

If you’re scared, frustrated, or feeling unrewarded for the hard work you’re doing, listen in. No one has a smooth ride all the way through and Natalie Jill is no different. As you hear her resilience, you may recognize some of the fight in you too. 

There’s a place and a need for your fitness brand right now. Here’s how to pivot what you may be doing and turn it into better results. 

My Guest: 

Natalie Jill is a Fat Loss Expert And Creative Sales Strategist who helps women ReIgnite, ReDefine and ReBrand what aging has to mean! 50 years old herself, she is changing conversations around age, potential, and possibility!  She helps entrepreneurs craft their unique compelling STORY, expand their brand and excel on social media. She used the exact methods she teaches to grow her globally recognized fat loss and fitness brand with well over 3 million social media followers worldwide, two best-selling books, a top-ranked podcast, and recognition from Forbes and Greatist several years running as one of the top health and wellness influencers in the world. 

Questions we answer on this podcast:

  • [04:05] If you were starting over what would you do right now to market yourself? 
  • [06:30] What were your biggest marketing mistakes along your way? 
  • [09:10] Was there any one thing you did that gave you a marketing/exposure lift? 
  • [13:32] How much or little have you delegated your marketing materials (emails, content, posts)Then.. and Now? 
  • [15:25] What part of the job do you love? 
  • [16:20] What part of the job do you hate/prefer not to do? 
  • How is it working with your spouse in business? 
  • [17:57] What advice would you give to that woman listening who has heard “you need a niche?”


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