If You’ve Been Training For 25-30 Years – on a Career Basis Will You Share?

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Personal Training Is Barely Old Enough To Know Better

I’ve been personal training officially since 1987 give or take. At that time it wasn’t even called personal training in the middle of the Midwest where I was blessed to be born and raised and stranded in a cornfield. That at least is how I felt at the time, I’m sure!

Starting my career then, I can honestly say my personal training career launched no where close to “full time.” I was training the father of the guy I was dating, random responses to my meek ads and working on finding a “real” job in the other 6 hours of my day.

Within a few years the blending of group fitness, clinical exercise staff member, front desk (fitness center-cruise director) and private swim instructor combined to make a full time job.

From there personal training one-on-one and partner and groups expanded to claim a greater share of my day. Then training the trainer, providing Continuing Education and writing articles to reach more emerging fitness industry professionals meant I trained trainers training clients and had a better opportunity to see the needs of the industry and predict them before they happened.

From University Kinesiology instruction back to the one-on-one client relationships live and by phone the infancy to adulthood I’ve seen is only my perspective. The industry that’s really 25 years old…is still a baby. Compare it to automobile manufacturing or home building. Compare it to politics or grocers. What do we really know? What do we see of the future?

The best to predict that are not those who consult …. but who are doing it…face-to-face and phone-to-phone every day. Who are reading research article of 2015 and changing with the news about stress and nutrition, responding as quickly as they can to what’s true today rather than recommending based on strategies of yesterday.

Are you a professional with 25 years of experience.… calling fitness your career and sole or primary source of income? (That might include management, publishing, teaching, training, ….but in the fitness field with annual income greater than any other …and you’re bread and butter). No- part-part time or hobbyists please. You are an important part of the fitness industry, no question, but looking for full time force for this episode.

Will you share as a panel member in a podcast your look back-to-look forward? Having been there at the beginning and grown up with the industry, you have the greatest wealth of information to offer regarding the future.

Respond here and as you include your email address, I’ll contact you privately to set a recording date for the podcast and provide you questions in advance.

IF … you don’t have quite that much longevity in the field and would like to “ask” any of the panelists a question…you can submit that here…and we’ll include all those we have time for in this episode!


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