The 4 Cs for YouTube Strategies for Fitness Coaches

YouTube strategies may not be top of mind for your marketing. But still today it acts like a search engine and ranks 2nd only to Google. So it’s worth looking at. And for those already there, but not actually using a strategy, this is for you. 

Consistency is a girl’s best friend, for weight training, and for protein, and yes for content marketing… but that’s not all. 

Consistently creating content that your ideal customer values is most important. Even with that though, if your call to action isn’t creating new leads and customers daily, it’s not going to support the growth in your business you truly want for marketing effort.

In this episode I’ll share YouTube Strategies that I used to grow my channel to 134, 000 mostly before the pandemic. I’ll share what happened during and since the pandemic to that growth and strategy, too.

You could say that these YouTube strategies work for any platform, including blogging and podcasting for that matter. Each platform has its own nuances, however. I wrote about that in the Health and Fitness Professional’s Guide to Social Media Marketing. Though that was published before the pandemic, the foundation of each of those platforms hasn’t changed. Just possibly it has amplified.

The 4 Cs in YouTube Strategies:

  • Consistency
  • Commitment
  • Call to Action
  • Congruency

Let me start though with one C that isn’t a reason your marketing strategy isn’t working.

It’s not conviction and it’s not even commitment to your passion. You’re convicted to serving people and you’re committed to doing it. You’ve been doing it and there’s a chance that you’ve said, “I’d do this for free.” 

I worked with trainers with such a helping nature they said that! And I had to tell them what a mistake that would be. And it was always the trainers with the most knowledge, most humility, most dedication to learning that were the most giving. They poured themselves into everything, and yet, didn’t see what I knew… burnout, broke and changing careers just around the corner. 

But that’s not the worst… the worst is that you won’t help people committed and convicted to improving their own health if you charge nothing. When we pay we pay attention. When you raise your rates you will often do better (I’ll link to two episodes about when and how to raise your rates).




Before you jump in you have to think about what ideal consistency is. At first you’ll want to throw up video after video because it’s fresh, new and exciting. But you’ve got to arrive at an ideal frequency based on two things:

  • What you can do regularly
  • How often your audience wants to hear from you

Consistency is not allowing comparison mode to get ahold of you and make you feel like you’re not doing enough. It can make you feel you should publish more so you have video content on 5 topics you see someone else has. That’s neither honoring you or your audience.

Think about when and how often your audience wants to consume content and when you can create and post it.



You are committed to success. You’re committed to serving your customer more than to being right or doing it the way you want to do it. That’s not to say that you don’t honor how you want to work. But it does mean that you’ve given great thought to what is best for getting your customers results.

Of these 4s Strategies, Number 3 and 4 are the two that matter most


Call to Action

Every piece of content you create needs a call to action. It’s either to subscribe, to watch another video, or to click to your website for something more.

You don’t want too many CTAs in one video. But you definitely don’t want none.



Every decision you make is congruent with who you serve and your values. If you have a brand statement or a mission statement its often called, you use it to make tough decisions.

If you identify which of these you’re not doing, and develop a plan to make sure they happen, your marketing will take you further.

You may not even be on YouTube. I think it still is relevant as a search engine. Everyone is not on TikTok. Everyone is not on Instagram. Everyone does search online and if your video is the answer to their question you can be discovered.

True, there are more people there than ever. But they aren’t all offering the same sage advice to the same audience that will resonate with them like you do.


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