You’re Used To Talking Bottom line, How’s Your Top Line?

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How’s Your Top Line?

Do you try to maximize the revenue per engagement? Or do you like many trainers get nervous and discount your packages so that you might make a bigger sale but you make less top line?

Do you try to maximize the revenue per engagement or do you get cold feet and just want to make the sale and get out of there so you choose the small package?

How’s it hurt? Long term it hurts a lot. Top line change is the difference between making more money doing the same number of services and doing them really well…or adding services that don’t do well but exist. In the latter case…. you add four or five new programs…new trainers you can’t oversee and train well all at once about philosophy and technique or safety. You can’t develop marketing campaigns effectively for five new programs beginning at once or in a short amount of time. So things are existing but nothing is thriving.

Top line is security against watered down programming. More is not better …unless it is really better. More of fewer programs consistently done…is working well for a lot of programs. Even ones less respected by other fitness professionals…it’s because the marketing is strong even if programming isn’t. It’s because community loyalty is strong even if safety isn’t.

How can you raise the top line you get per session? What difference weekly and monthly will that have to your bottom line?


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