Personal Trainers: How to Optimize Your Organic Reach Right Now

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Optimize your organic reach right now for fitness business success in the coming months. No matter when you’re listening (reading) this, it’s time to do this. If you haven’t started early and aren’t already 60 days into your pre-launch for the new year (as I create this early December 2020) then put on your calendar RIGHT NOW to start October 1, 2021 preparing for Jan 1 2022.

For now? Let’s roll up our sleeves and start making what you’re doing now matter more.

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Use key words.

Distribute key words in three places:

  • title
  • content
  • meta description

If you’re on word press, use a tool called Yoast, even on the free level to help you know when you’ve done this.

Before that you need to do some homework.

Do you know the words you want to be “found for”? These are words that you deliver on. These are the problems your clients come to you with, in their words not yours. Key words are a part of the transformation your clients want. Your key words are a mixture of the problem and the solution that your ideal customer wants.

So before key words even? You need to know what your favorite customers of all time, who made the most progress, and loved working with you, say they want. What do they say they’re grateful for?

Because you and I could say we give our clients muscle mass and strength. But even in 2020 when I write about it constantly and you’re reading about it as the way to help and support them, it still is not what they ask “Dr. Google” at 8pm on their couch watching Hallmark movies. It’s not what they search for at 2pm when they should be working but they’re distracted by feelings of bloat or discomfort in clothes that don’t fit any more.

How to Improve Your Organic Reach (Homework exercise)

What are those words? Take a moment and come to the show notes later and do this homework because it’s big.


#1 Way my client describes her problem:

#2 Way my client describes her problem:


#1 Way my client describes what she wants:

#2 Way my client describes what she wants:

Personal Condition

#1 Word or phrase that describe my client’s status (in her words)

#2 Word or phrase that describe my client’s status (in her words)

Some combination of problem or solution plus condition are your key words. Do your homework.

The Mistake that Fails Your Organic Reach

Does this sound familiar? You know you need to post regularly on social media. So you set aside time to do it, create the graphics, a quote, or take a picture, even invest 30 minutes in creating a REELS. But do you go into action doing that before you even think about what your ideal client is thinking or feeling right now?

No judgment here. I’ve done it too. Not that long ago I spent hours on Sunday creating my week’s posts for the week, cueing them up as scheduled on platforms and wa-la, done! (I’m typing wa-la thinking I don’t even know if that’s a word!)

Them vs You

Here’s the deal…. If your posts are pushing your content and information that you think people NEED out there… it will fail to get you traction. It’s a conversation. When you do that it’s like sitting across from someone who is talking and instead of listening, you’re thinking about what to say next.

You may have the answer to their problem but it’s not going to resonate with them if you deliver it like what they just said doesn’t matter.

How Do You Know If You’re Falling Short?

Look at what you’ve been doing. How well has it been working? If you continue to do more of it… how will you get different results? If your reach over the last 3 weeks has not gone UP, it’s time to change.

On a blog post, use all of the previously mentioned. The same goes for your show notes if you’re podcasting. What about social media? Both YouTube and now Instagram even are becoming more like search engines. So if you’re not doing the same with title, description, tags on YT and using hashtag strategy that works on Instagram, you’ll fail.

Instagram is Good for Your Organic Reach, Too, Done Right

Instagram strategy is not posting daily. It includes the right hashtags based on research, the right number of hashtags, relevant hashtags for your content, the right use of images, graphics, memes, quotes, and your content matters. Are you telling stories? It’s social remember. So longer posts that describe who you are, and why anyone will care about what you say are important. Ask questions.

Use your timeline, stories, IGTV and REELS as well as lives. Encourage DMs to communicate. Especially when you’re smaller, it’s possible to generate leads and customers so long as you’re not selling on social.

Your Organic Reach vs Paid Traffic

Know that once you begin using paid advertising your organic reach will go down significantly. A platform that knows you’ll pay to play will begin to require it. A good rule of thumb though is that if your organic reach isn’t going up, you don’t want to pay for it to reach more people who won’t respond! Always look at how something does organically first, then build on that momentum. It’s the same way January is a busy month in fitness, right? It’s the month you should be advertising the most.

There you have it. Not so secret secrets… and the biggest one of all is doing these consistently.

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