Your Best Professional Year Yet!

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Your clients don’t get results without well-set goals, appropriate programming, and progression.Back at ya!

Take a few moments, or hours, during this holiday weekend to be still and declare what it is that you want to be celebrating when this holiday season rolls around again. Here are a few steps I use with coaching clients and with my staff members annually since 2003. I repeat it myself every year and am always surprised by the revelations I make.

Step 1: Look back. What did you accomplish last year? What did you do? Where did you travel? What did you start, finish, experience? You might want your calendar handy to help.

Step 2: What disappointments did you have last year?

Step 3: What did you learn last year? Even if you didn’t realize it until now you did very likely learn something. It’s usually these painful things that are the growth moments in our lives.

Step 4: What little messages do you listen to that don’t serve you well? What is your self- talk? How can you take any limiting beliefs you have and deem them powerless by creating a more positive message. Think Stephen Covey “First Things First” or Nike’s “Just Do It” and then create your own.

Step 5: List all the roles you play right now and also write the ones that you want to play. For instance, you might write that currently you are a Personal Trainer, a business owner/entrepreneur, parent, spouse, daughter, friend, athlete. You might also aspire to be a writer, speaker, presenter, race car driver, etc. Include everything you want to describe you in the list.

Next, narrow your number Step 5 list to 8 roles. That can seem hard. In some cases you can find ways to condense the roles. “Family member” could represent parent, spouse, daughter, for instance. “Fitness Business Expert” might include owner, personal trainer, presenter. Don’t compromise any one role, especially if you’re not doing it currently. Don’t let it get lost if its something really important to you.

Step 6: List 5-10 different goals you’d like to accomplish in the coming year under each of those 8 roles. If your role was “Writer” your goals list might include create a blog, self-publish a book, publish 3 articles in industry journals, write a column for the paper, etc.

Step 7: Circle your top 10 goals of 2011. Look at the lists you created. You have potentially written up to 80 different things there. As you read through them, the ones that make you say, “that would be so cool if that happened” are the ones to circle! Narrow it to just 10.

Step 8: Break these into mini goals and get them on a calendar. If you wanted to publish 3 articles in 2011, you’re going to need to generate a list of ideas (by? January 15), decide who you want to write for and consult the writer’s guidelines (by? Jan 30), the submit a query letter to three editors (by ?Feb 10)…get the small steps into your actionable items list so they go from dream to reality!

Continue to do the same for each of the Big Goals you selected for 2011.

…and Yes! You can always change your mind. Procrastinating will usually result in finding reasons why it can never happen. So get things on your calendar first and change later if you need to do it!

Like your clients, get to flexing your muscles and making the actions happen that get you results!

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