The Worst Fitness Marketing Mistake You Can Make

What’s the worst fitness marketing mistake you can make?

Let me list a few… what stands out for you?

  • Putting your credentials and degrees up front and center
  • Showing up shirtless or in a jog bra to appeal to overweight women
  • Boasting about your own fitness achievements (as if that will help you teach someone else)
  • Promoting images of yourself having had surgery to get where you are without telling the truth

Well if you guessed any of those were worst – though they’re good contenders – you’re missing it.

The Worst

Copycat marketing is the worst fitness marketing mistake you can make.

If you’ve heard and believe plagiarism is the greatest form of flattery, you maybe haven’t heard that plagiarism when it comes to marketing, in other words copycat marketing, will be a fast track to failure.

What to do instead.

First, you’ve got to ask if what you say is something anyone else could say.

Or does it fall in the, “well I should hope so category” meaning that should be what some would call a “no brainer.” You shouldn’t have to say it. It should be an expectation your customers have and naturally wouldn’t even seek you out if they didn’t already believe it.

If so, you haven’t been terribly distinct in your marketing.

You should be able to answer these questions:

  • What’s your DELIGHT factor?
  • What makes you the absolute, not only do I want you for my personal trainer, but I don’t want anyone but you?
  • What is it about you that no one else can say?

What is it about your system or method that no one else can say?

You want to base what you say in your marketing on 5 things: your background, your interests, values, your methods, and on your customers.

I’ve been talking about this all month long and for decades before that. I’ll be talking about it for decades more.

You don’t want to be like others. You want to be distinct or you’ll be extinct. There are too many trainers.

You might want to ask before ever having the consultations you have, something got you here, to me, what was that?

From that you will potentially find out if there are any distinguishing features about you already out there.


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