Are You Doing All The Work and Someone Else Is Getting All the Credit…and Profit?

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Do You Think the Boss Is Taking All The Profit?

In years of training for someone else, for myself, and managing and consulting this is where personal trainers spend a lot of thought and energy.

Are you a trainer who feels you’re not earning enough of the money you’re bringing in?

If you think like this and focus on this you’re getting burned, but by yourself more than by anyone else. A business owner doesn’t go into business in most cases in the fitness industry certainly, thinking that they want to rip off personal trainers and put as much money as possible into their own pockets.

There is usually a multi-purpose mission. It includes serving the community targeted as well asa the community within providing that service. No owner wants to have a large turnover. It’s true, trainers outnumber spots available within many clubs and if you don’t do your job, disrupt the chemistry among staff members, have a negative attitude, there is someone behind you who wants your position.

No owner believes that’s a good model. Most want to keep you happy, satisfied, stimulated and loyal so that you do well and stay.

What you’re not considering is the cost of having a business in the first place. The mere liability. The cost of ground to build the facility on. The cost of the building, additional liability of a pool or a childcare on site. The marketing, branding, advertising costs to build and maintain a reputation and position a business are very likely beyond what you’re thinking. In order to promote yourself and consistently gain leads and access to people how much would that cost you?

A radio ad running infrequently could run thousands for a short time campaign. A newspaper ad could run $500 to $1000 for a single one-day and done show. Busy day and your target market doesn’t open the paper? Kiss it goodbye.

A direct mail campaign could run $5000. Charity event donations and sponsorships, t-shirts for programs, water bottles, gifts for challenges, drawings – cost thousands annually. Marketing (#1) and advertising are the biggest expenses of a successful business. What percent commission or your hourly salary you get is not as simple as your “piece.”

If you miss the taxes, the accounting, the meetings, education, staffing… the number of people within a business who support what you do that you never pay for …. you’re burning yourself as you miss an opportunity.

Cutting your teeth by working for someone else without the constant daily need to market, return phone calls and emails about the business- not even about your clients and customers (that’s additional time!), to book yourself for consultations to gain new clients, is a gift.

Take advantage of the free time – not by goofing off but by taking steps now while you have the “padding.” You don’t have weight on your shoulders while you have steady income. You can show your value to an employer who may reward you with additional responsibility and monetary rewards. Take the time to work with a variety of people and learn who you want to really focus on. If you have a large pool of fitness clients at your finger tips, you’re what we call Hunting in the Zoo. These are your monkeys.

If you think you want out, to earn 100% of the money for you, you forget all of the hats you must absolutely wear when that becomes your truth and reality. Few people want to work 24/7. As a business owner you will. The myth of the 4-Hour Work Week (no offense to Tim Ferris) is that it doesn’t come until you have experience, and you can leverage knowledge. There is a certain beauty in not knowing you don’t know very much. You have a false confidence. It can work for you.

If you stay stuck in your thinking you have an evil boss you will be burning…yourself out….your bridges (people can smell this – your customers are not impressed with the energy this kind of thinking brings…and your employers – you will be dispensable and it’s not that you’ll be fired but you won’t be promoted and new people will be brought in because you don’t show a reason why not to).

Focus on the positive place you are now. No matter where that is, there is something about your current situation that is a gift.

The question is, are you using it? This time is not going to come again. As opportunity in fitness grows, so too does your competition. Someone else is less bitter, more eager, more willing to work longer hours and serve other people.


You may not have any of these feelings! You’re here bettering yourself. But you may be able to help someone who does. Mentor them and point out what you see. You might not get a happy response but you will be planting a seed potentially in a change for the better in someone’s future.

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