Words You Want To Leave Out of Your Posts, Tweets, and Blogs

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…that term is used most often to refer to brilliance at putting words together in a concise way to get a message across.

It isn’t about using all 140 characters if that’s what you’re allowed.

It isn’t about using ever character given to you in an ad.

It’s in fact about using the least amount of words to convey the most message and leave the most impact.

Yesterday I posted about the unique words we use and the ones that we’re unaware can turn off the biggest market existing: the inactive market. Today I’m flipping the switch.

The words you see on social media…and that if social media does what social media claims it does…has YOU jump in and do the same… are repelling customers.

Ones like “come see our…..”

“Visit our website for …”

“Sign up for …”

“Get our newsletter”

“Let our trainers show you…”

You’re asking for a sale. or a favor. or for something for YOU every time you do it. I know, you may not mean it that way…but there it is.

Instead…if there is a reason for the customer to benefit from doing the action you’re telling them to take… THAT would be the thing to talk about.

“Lose bloat, inches, and get more energy with ….”

“Tighten up those soft spots from winter with…”

“Quick, easy meals in minutes that will have you lean for summer…”

What are your customers thinking about right now?

THAT’s what to invite them to get. Focus on getting what they want. They aren’t pining away wishing they had another newsletter. They aren’t staying awake at night worried about the title of that newsletter. Content that gets them results. It’s all they care about…results. Don’t dwell on a title…dwell on the content. Don’t dwell on YOU, dwell on them.


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