Why You’re Undercharging and What To Do About It

 In professional development

If You’re Using A Rate Sheet, You Probably Have Too Many Rates.

If you place that rate sheet in front of a client your best guess should tell that if they decide to buy they’ll buy something in the middle of your sheet.

That’s only a fraction of things that go wrong.

When you train a person and then you work an hour outside of the session to design a detailed program for the week for the client outside of sessions without charging for that time you’ve undercharged.

When you offer to look over food journals and comment on a lifestyle habits form you’re undercharging.

If you’ve not included these things in the cost of a lifestyle change program you’ve undercharged.

A veteran speaker, outspoken and opinionated, suggests this: you’d never call a plumber about the toilet who comes over and says “I noticed the tub needs caulking too, so I’ld just do that while I’m here, no problem.” Instead he’ll say “You’ve got some needs here. I’ll give you a quote on them if you’re interested.”

And so should you.


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