Where’s Your Chocolate Milk?

How will you sell anyone else on exercise and health if you don’t have a way to rejuvenate? You preach refuel and recovery, but do you do it yourself?

What’s your chocolate milk? What do you put into yourself after a hard week, an intense stretch of programming, or a big promotion? What do you surround yourself with in order to replenish?

Like a tough workout, in order to recover and be able to perform at your peak in sales and creating relationships you need to find your own source of refueling.

Maybe it’s a hobby, music, books you enjoy, cds or dvds that are either inspirational or simply take you away from it all for a while. Find the things that make you forget what time it is while you’re doing them and those are the ones that will enrich your life so that you in turn enrich others’ lives when you return to your career.

Don’t forget that its as important as the work time you spend. You’ll have better focus when you focus on something else for a while.

You’re beginning a three day weekend right now. How are you using your time? Are you setting goals for your time away and creating and strengthening your off-work relationships?

If you looked ahead to the start of your next week what do you want to be able to say you did? What adventures do you want to have to remember?

Now go and make it happen.


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