What’s the Number One fitness business killer?

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If You Hate What You’re Doing Or What You Should Be Doing … Your Success is Limited

There are two big problems with fitness managers, directors, entrepenuers who struggle to profit.

1. They don’t know which activities are their priorities.

2. They don’t like those activities if they do know them and so they avoid them.

Marketing accounts for 70% of the traffic that calls, walks in, emails YOU for an appointment or the next step. Think about it… not like you, but like a typical customer. They are intimidated, perhaps a bit embarrassed that they need to ask for help. Taking that initiative says they have researched you, found you and liked you so far.

[if you don’t have the information a customer wants when they show up at your site…. answers to their questions…the ones like: how much is it? is there a guarantee? what if I don’t see results? or what if I don’t like my trainer? then they’ll probably click onto the next site. It’s not like they’ve pulled up in their car, got out, walked in and they are in front of you. In seconds… you could MISS THE OPPORTUNITY).

If you don’t like marketing... and it’s grand-daddy, sales: you’re going to struggle.

You’re potentially avoiding it or not spending the right amount of time and energy to do it well. You may be handing it off which could be worse for you than not doing it. I’m all for outsourcing the right things. Something that has 70% to do with whether customers come to you or not is too significant to farm out. Anyone can write an article or post to Facebook, it’s true. Only you can know your customer inside and out to know what words, what colors, what time of day, what kind of classy or raunchy humor they prefer.

You can’t take chances with marketing. Marketing experts are moving in on the emotion and call to action that you’re not and getting customers far more rapidly than many true fitness pros. We’re seeing it happen.

You hit the ceiling and you start going down. You don’t even get to stay at the same level.

Know what matters most in your day. Know how to count (conversions, engagement, “next steps” taken – you have to create these first)

You should be spending a very small amount of time on things you hate….but not because marketing and sales aren’t important: because you love and embrace them and getting better at them. The one-on-one time you spend with clients unless you’re earning the upper 2-3% of revenue in your area from them….is probably not going to grow a department, a program or a system that is sustainable.


In 6 days we begin Mastermind 100; 100 days of summer dedicated to helping fitness owners like you, outside our organization – for the first time ever … do what we did. If you aren’t growing rapidly, aren’t seeing monthly increases in numbers that matter – and know exactly what those are.. this is your time. Enrollment is open now.

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