What’s The Matter With Body Weight Training?

 In professional development

Controversy Gets Attention

It’s the reason for the headline. Yes, for specific markets I do have an opinion about body weight and why it’s not always enough. If we’re talking bone density it can be a part but it’s not going to be what you’d wish you had done when you’re frail and 70. You don’t get the chance back after your bones start to reach their peak. Body weight is not often possible for some people at first to allow them to do enough or at a great enough intensity. Yes, there are reasons why body weight is not the entire answer for a client.

Let’s get back to the headline. What topics are in the news? What topics are related to what you do and who you do it for that you can piggy-back from to get yourself more opens or more media attention?

Last week Rory Mcllroy had a fluke injury to his achilles playing soccer. Two weeks before the British Open where he would defend his title that’s news. More importantly, he’s 26, fit and there were obvious questions to ask. I asked about my audience. How vulnerable are they? This is exactly the thing that might make the 5:30pm news or 10 pm news segment for your local audience.

But that was last week. It’s not news now. You have to be paying attention and on the ball. You have to have a niche for you to be always thinking about your market with ideas and strategies that reach them and serve them.

Define who you work with

There are so many ways to get distracted during an hour let alone a day. You’ve got hunger, toilet, fatigue and the what’s-next distractions keeping you out of the moment. You have a lot of movement, a client’s shift in need when they report, and a cell phone potentially buzzing in your pocket (take it off- it causes cancer next to you) plus others randomly asking questions and interrupting.

If you also have a young athlete, an older adult, a postpartum mom, and a health-oriented client before the day is out you haven’t thought in a stream line way about any one client sector. Are you the trainer to older adult women because you get results or because you’re non-intimidating yourself to them? There is a difference. Once a niche trainer comes to town who is the best trainer for someone, you’re random act of training is not going to be as appealing. You may get an occasional client from a referral but you won’t just get people because you’re “nice” and a “good solid trainer.”

Those qualities are important. But for tomorrow, it’s going to be important to you to be set in who you work with, why you do it, and what you want for them. If you can’t say that with strength conviction and know exactly why you’re different and better at it the coming competition will get increasingly more difficult to stand against. Comfort in the fact that you’ve worked somewhere for three years isn’t going to be there. The hungry, niched trainer who can articulate what they do best all day every day is going to have a better chance.

Make no mistake, you can specialize in health-oriented fitness. People want it. They don’t all want performance and they don’t all have a special condition. We don’t need to push our goals on them. You can also specialize in beginners, knowing there are always going to be beginners. Ideally, choose beginners of an age level so that you can relate with their learning history, their need for specific things and environments while you train them.

Know who you serve best. Market to them, choose everything about your business for them. And then choose to get their attention by choosing headlines and subject lines out of the ordinary and against the grain. Know who you work with and who you don’t.


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