What Is Your Brand?

 In Marketing, professional development


Someone else is, I guarantee it. Well, that is if you are marketing with enough oomph to attract any interest. It’s the first place they’ll go.

So what comes up? Do you have content that makes your listing look attractive, authoritative, leadership and pocket-book worthy?

And what if… unfortunately the answer is “no”?

Let’s change it starting now.

1. Decide what you want your brand to be. What words do you want to be associated with you?

2. Who do you serve? What niche do you want to own? What -girl or -guy are you? The go-to fitness guy? The burpee babe? The food babe (already taken)

3. What is your brand tagline? Your 10 second verbal business card? (do not say “I’m a Personal Trainer” or you don’t pass go) When someone says, “what do you do?” you say: _____________ in order to wow, stun and awe them.

Based on your answers to 1, 2, and 3 start creating content.

1. Every article, blog post, video tweet, and post you create, it needs to be branded with your name or URL.

2. Every above piece needs to have a congruent message running through it. What is your “repeatable, retweetable” you-ism?

3. Every part of your uniform, appearance, demeanor needs to be in alignment with your target market and your image. I don’t care if you have tats up and down your arm and nose rings …if that appeals to your market and you’re laughing to the bank it must be working. If you’re marketing is conservative older adults from the Midwest your brand is incongruent and won’t help you leverage your YOU for more income.

4. Rinse and repeat. Sorry about the cliche but that’s the biggest branding ticket. You don’t write sometimes, you don’t blog sometimes and create video sometimes…you have a schedule and you commit to it. Period. That track record of consistent branding is what accelerates your Google presence.

SO if you do it again in 6 months. Bingo. Branded YOU.

More importantly, your next customer thinks so.


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