How Long Does It Take to Do Weekly Fitness Marketing?

Doing that weekly fitness marketing plan is a must. Whether you decide you need to post four times a day on Facebook, or just once, once a day on Instagram or just every other day, it has to be done. Deciding on the image the text, any call to action, and all as a part of a strategy, not a random plea for attention, takes time.

How long does it take?

As long as you allow.

Every task expands to the time it’s allowed.

So, you decide. You have to decide.

Decide right now.

In this post I’m going to share the approximate time it takes to:

  • Write an email
  • Write a subject line
  • Write a blog
  • Write a video script

Whether you are a fitness or health coach, marketing is something left off every certification and every physiology and kinesiology degree program. Marketing 101 with the four Ps is not going to help you in 2021. I once suggested to my son who was contemplating changing majors to marketing that if he did, I’d encourage him to drop out. I was going to bring him with me to conferences and enroll him in the programs I’ve worked with to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars in the last 8 years.

Start thinking about marketing as small parts of a whole. You need to think about your big goals for the year, the quarter, and the month. That gives you a better goal for the week. You’ve got to be tracking the right numbers.

Tracking Weekly Fitness Marketing Progress

What’s your scoreboard? How many people engaged with you last week, compared to the week before?

How much growth did you have? How much traffic came to your website from the social posts you shared? Again, comparing it to what you did the week before is important.

Because marketing is one of the most important things you do in your business, and you’ve got to do it and do it well. (Frankly, polishing your marketing should come before your next certification, your next hire, or your next program starts). Marketing is always research that confirms what you’re selling is something people will buy. It confirms whether the message you’re using to describe it resonates with the ideal customer you’re targeting.

Marketing First, Delivery Second

But I’m not going to spend time exploring the importance of marketing in this episode. You know that. I mention that however to get you thinking about how little you spend time interviewing and testing marketing skills, or even writing the job description to a marketing director for your organization compared to how much time you spend hiring a trainer or front desk manager.

If you’re doing the marketing yourself, how much time and resources have you dedicated to learning how to do it, compared to getting certifications and reading books about the services you should be marketing better? That might be a touchy subject but someone listening needs to hear it. If you suddenly task your personal training director or yourself, personal trainer or health coach, with writing emails, ad copy, creating social media posts, and you’ve never studied it? How could that turn out well?

Weekly Fitness Marketing

Here is a rough estimate for weekly fitness marketing tasks:

  • Emails – 15 minutes each
  • Subject Lines – 30 minutes
  • Blog – I have a 5-minute blog post freebie – 5-20 mins to do the writing
  • Video Script – 10 minutes
  • Ads – 30 minutes for text ads

Notice that the fewer the words the more time you want to spend.

And you’re going to repurpose content. Research you have for a blog, will be used to create social media posts. You’ll weave that content into videos.

In reality, I know for me and my friends who do research-based blog posts it can take four hours to do all the tasks. But I don’t have to do every step. I create the topic and the bullet points. I can outsource the research links for the post. Get efficient doing what you do best. Set up alerts for new research.

Keys to cutting down your weekly fitness marketing time:

  • Know your ideal customer. You can’t craft a clear message if you’re trying to talk to “everyone.”
  • Know where the ideal customer is on their journey.
  • Know what problem you solve for the customer.

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