3 Ways to Increase Your Email Opens (social posts & website traffic) NOW!

Faster than an interval training workout I’m going to share 3 ways to increase your email opens (which increases the deliverability of future emails, which:

  • Increases the chance that when you are promoting they’ll  read it and register) and 
  • social engagement (no more crickets!) 

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Tried Everything to Increase Your Email Opens?

If you know the value of email, you know you’ve got to:

  • grow an email list from people who asked to be on it
  • regularly nurture them so they open 
  • provide high value once they do open 

so that you can tell and sell the right people to your program when you’re promoting. 

So … here we go: 

#1 Add [Recipe] in the subject line (or 5 or 3 or .. Easter..) because… no one ever had too many recipes apparently.  

Make sure the recipe page where it sits, and it could be simply a blog for you, has social media share buttons on it. 

#2 Add [Video] to the subject line and then of course, make the video about something they CARE deeply about. It could be making a recipe, doing an exercise, giving a short warm up or cool down. 

#3 Link to those recipes and videos from your website. You don’t want to just drop the recipe into the email. You don’t want to link to a YouTube video (not even yours). These people are on your email list. Sending them back to your social media site is like sending them in circles. Your social strategy is to bring them to your email. From email you nurture them with deeper content they wanted from you and a “next step.” 

Far too many fitness professionals are sending people in circles. Social to email to social again or into their freebie funnels again … so there’s just confusion, no reason to buy. 

Why would you do that, right? 

A confused mind never buys. Do you know what will happen? They’ll start asking you, “Who do you recommend that does that?” or “What protein powder to you recommend?” even if you carry one, because you’re simply confusing instead of giving them the answer. 

Don’t be so afraid of selling and self-promotion that you promote everyone but you! If you like doing that? Then do that! Create a business where you are earning money as an affiliate promoting others who already have established businesses making 6 figures a month. Did you know you can do that? You can do it for us! 

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The Ultimate Freebie Book (to grow your email list): https://www.flippingfifty.com/irresistible-freebie-how-to/ 

Marketing to Women Copywriting Course: https://www.fitnessmarketingmastery.com/copywriting-course/

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