Are you watching trends or setting them? Don’t miss this opportunity

 In professional development


Trends are past “what happened” hoping to know the future.

It’s a guess. It’s a popular vote by fitness professionals.

Did you vote for the homecoming queen? The prom king? Did the most beautiful always win? The most popular? The most talented?

None of the above. Just sometimes in each of those instances…sometimes it was the beauty, sometimes the brains, sometimes the nice guy.

The point is..the vote just tells you the feelings and the desire of those who voted.

Whose vote matters most? The Customer. Have we forgotten?

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The trend…is toward and aging America. The trend is toward a broader and broader diversity among our older adults. There will be a wide variety of 70 year olds to choose from. You can take the ones who want to work on balance and I’ll take the ones who want to work on their PR in triathlon.

The trend is going to be toward a fitness professional who doesn’t use “CROSS Fit” or PILATES or TRX classes, but who programs for the CLIENT.

It’s going to move toward methodology, plan and system. Otherwise? Participants neck flares up using TRX… they’re done being your client. Participant has knees and a low back that need attention and kid gloves… no more Cross fit client.

A lot of tools in the tool box. A methodology for delivering.

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