Are You Wasting Your Time on Social Media Doing This?

Social Media is Either Your Best Friend or Worst Enemy

There’s no middle ground. Either you’re one of the few who has figured it out and it’s working for you or you’re pretending that “being on social media” is enough. While you spend time, money, and energy creating posts you’ve skipped over the parts that are most important.

Not, by any fault of your own initially. But now that we know it’s here to stay, it’s not going away, it is really your responsibility to nail it.

You can hate it. But your customers are there…talking about you. Your prospective customers are there… waiting to hear from you. Your prior clients are there…sharing information about you, or not, good or bad. And you know which of those people share faster.

So you need to be listening to what’s said.

You need to be sharing content..that you create, that you love and wish you’d created, and that you collaborate on with someone else.

You want to be networking. That is, you of course want to interact with your customers but you also want to get attention from media and people who are better connected than you! If you’re page has 4000 likes and another page has 26,0000 likes that are similar to your own market’s interest… that page is a page you want to interact with. It has a lot more power and authority than you do. Play well with others and they’ll play well with you.

You need to not be selling. Social media is about conversations. Too many social media platforms are abused as a bulletin board to post the flyers your customers don’t see when they physically walk by. Whatever makes you think they’re going to see them when they’re scrolling through randomly waiting to buy popcorn at the movies?

There is a time and place to sell. There is a time when it’s expected. That time and place is not on social media where people come to see their friends and share stuff that makes them look like the best version of themselves. Your ad does not make them look cool. Does it? Not probably, unless you’ve discounted 85% and you’re giving it away and you sharing it makes a hero out of you to your friends. Then again, why is a program discounting by 85% ? Is that a program I want to attend?

Listen to the podcast I just created if you’re socially feeling frustrated! There are answers. And by the way, social media works. Pretty well, in fact.

As long as you like to talk to people and create real human relationships… you can get good at social media too.

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