If you want to sell easier you need to read this

Your Customer Gets In Her Own Way

Would you agree with that?

She is too busy. It’s too expensive she says while she fills her closet full of more shoes and has a $5 coffee daily. She doesn’t have time, while she sits for an hour and a half a couple times a month to get her nails done.

And yet, what about you and me? Don’t we as equal-not-better-than-our customers humans do the same thing?

Rarely do I send you to a blog I’ve written to consumers. Today is the day. Read this and if you are looking for a book, or two or three, to add to your resource library, I think you’ll love the two most recently published that are mentioned in it. If you’re not ready to implement, this blog will at least plant the seed. Getting the books on your nightstand will set you in the right direction. It could be what you’re craving. It’s permission to do less.


P.S. It’s one of those beautiful fall Sundays here with clear blue sky, a few clouds and a rainbow of warm colored leaves lining streets. I hope you’ve got a few leaves to crush and pumpkins to pick out today. And if for some reason a nap on the couch watching football or golf just sounds really good, I say go for it.

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