Want to Be Featured in PTontheNet? Hurry! Respond Now!


If you’d like to be included in an article for PTonthenet where you can get a bit of exposure that can set you apart as a leader in the fitness business industry, read on and act fast!

Have you created a new service? or added a new product that you created (or not)? based on customer feedback and demand??

How did the product/service evolve?

How did customers tell you what they wanted? (were you listening to objections at point of sale, were you getting requests from customers, did you think about what current customers need next? etc)

How did the new service/product help customers?

How did it help you (revenue, retaining customers longer, referrals, etc: dollar amounts or % increase in business is what we’re looking for)

Shoot me your responses PLUS:

your name, your company title (owner, managing director, etc)

Your company name and location (state/country only! no street address necessary) as you’d like it to appear.

I’ll confirm I have received and ask for clarity if needed!

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