Waiting for it to Happen or Making it Happen?

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“Is this a really slow time?” a trainer recently asked. Her complimentary session bookings are low right now.

No, this is the first of November! Things are picking up if anything. Depending on your region the same may be true of you. In regions like ours that bring four seasons and the one looming ahead features snow and wind and ice….people are thinking about getting cozy in their homes for the holidays and are forced indoors more often for exercise.

Mother Nature is your friend now.Even if the weather doesn’t help you, psychology can. Mindset’s change regarding getting into the school routine, needing the push of being around other people to work harder.

That doesn’t change a thing for the trainer asking about when the ‘clients will come.’ You’ll have to go get them. They won’t just come. You need to find a way to connect with them and identify their needs and show them how you can help.

Most won’t call you.

Most won’t drive to your studio, club, or fitness center and ask for a trainer.

But you can identify them and be proactive. My question to the trainer who told me her business was slow and her sessions had dropped off? How many people have you asked to become a client this week?

The answer is never a “yes” without the question. First things first. Find a way to get in front of them, show them how you can help, and ask the right question.

Today: spend 45 more minute on the floor than you did yesterday, before your sessions or after your sessions. Look for people who are unsure of what it is they’re doing.

Ask them if you can offer some advice. Asking permission allows them to be in control and invites you to talk.

Ask them what their goal is by using that…seated row, lat pulldown, abdominal exercise…

Dig a little deeper with a follow up question and you may learn if they had an orientation at one time or not, whether they are truly a new member or a long time member (who has been wasting some time).

Find out if this is when they typically exercise, tell them you have some time in the next few days, and ask if they’d be interested in meeting for a complimentary session to go over a few other of their exercises, discuss what a well-rounded program should look like, and suggestions.

They may ask what the cost is on that.

“That is complimentary. No obligation. I will go over options for you in case you choose to continue afterwards. But you should walk away with a better idea of how to make the most of your exercise time no matter what.”

That should set their mind at ease.

Forty-five minutes. Today. You should in that time be able to talk to three people at least. One of them will book a complimentary session with you. You’re doing more than you did yesterday to grow your business.

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