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In this episode, I’m sharing 5 marketing ideas for Female fitness and health business owners. If you’re stuck.. this will help you get unstuck! They’re not rocket science. But as I’m recording this on a Monday morning, I know that this morning maybe more than most can be a pain point for fitness and health coaches. 

If you aren’t full, if you didn’t have a lot of calls and inquiries, and maybe especially if you tried to work through the weekend (but even if you tried taking time off), it’s tough to feel like you’re doing enough.

So, these 5 marketing ideas have little to do with doing more. They’re really about some things you already have and using them better.


Tell your story. 

You’ve heard mine… but here it is.


Find your best-performing content. Rinse and repeat. 

Mistake – created one post that got more engagement than any before it and then, switched gears because they saw something someone else did and tried to copy it. Stay true to yourself and your audience. Don’t look at someone else who’s got an inflated number of followers. First, look at their posts. Often a huge number of followers is fake. Is there engagement on posts? 


Establish brand continuity (that resonates with your customer) 

Mistake – using images that are all over the board, different backgrounds- dark and light, some close-up others far away. Find a collection of images that speaks to you and study it. Look through your past posts. Which performed well? Look at past Reels, which performed well? 

Chances are it has a lot to do with your image. So, making it always pristine and adding a cover image could impair your results. An outperformer of mine, on the content topics I’ve shared before and after does best. Why? Because it’s a face. My face peeking in to share the post. So, before you just “pick” your brand, study what your audience likes.


Squeeze more juice! Share what you already created.

Number 4 of these 5 marketing ideas quickie is definitely easy and almost effortless. That makes it easy to forget. So many of us are guilty of this! I’m a recovering content creator. It’s not that you shouldn’t create more content, it’s just that once you have, give that content life regularly. Share it again and again in regular cycles. 

I’m willing to bet you already have a lot of content- articles, and videos, that resonated with your audience. Go find them! 

Be a Go-Giver 

Share other people’s posts and comment on them. Make them “you” by adding an interpretation for your audience. 

That’s it. A simple 5 marketing ideas for your health and fitness business that can give you not just 5 posts, but be an evergreen source of inspiration. You already have the ability to do this!! 

The work is largely done! 


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